Lunar calendar weddings for 2018

In the lunar calendar weddings in 2018 you will find the most favorable date for the wedding, which chances to create a strong and happy family as high as possible.

Pick of the day for marriage is a serious step. A special wedding needs to be perfect in all senses, to create families together in the coming years. In the lunar calendar you will find hints that will be able to choose a lucky date, and the observance of wedding traditions will help you attract in life happiness and well-being.

Wedding in January 2018

The first month of the new year is the perfect time for marriage. Our ancestors believed that the lower the temperature the day of the wedding, the stronger will be the Union. However, the strict positions eliminates the opportunity to marry, and at the time of advent is to set aside all ceremony. To open a wedding “season” is after the number 7, when the churches begin to marry the newlyweds, presenting their Union to God.

The most favorable are days when the Moon is in the growth phase: from 18 to 30 January. By following the clues a snowy day during the celebration is a sign of future wealth in the family, and the wedding celebrated a couple of days before the full moon, will create a friendly and happy family.

It is not necessary to appoint a wedding date for the period when the Moon is waning. These days, the outflow of energy contributes to the creation of strong families. And newlyweds should remember religious holidays, during which often cancels the wedding celebration and wedding. During the new and full Moon wedding was also not noted.

Adverse energy days are 3, 6, 10, 16 Jan.

February wedding on the lunar calendar

The second month of winter will delight the newlyweds a happy day for the marriage with the 17th. Astrologers believe that the most successful day of the month will be February 25. On Sunday, under control of the Sun family relationships will be warm and happy. The constellation of Cancer, which will be the Moon, it will give you comfort and warmth spouses for long life, will save a couple of misunderstandings. The family created a 10 day of the moon, rarely break down, but the bride and groom feel for each other’s tender feelings and is always surrounded by loyal friends ready to come to the rescue.

Beware of marry 1, 3, 8, 13 Feb. In these days the Moon will endow the space of aggressive energy, which will negatively affect the relationship between the partners and can become the reason for the imminent divorce.

March wedding

In the first spring month of the marriage will be particularly successful. The awakening of nature from hibernation will endow the spouses a good energy and it’s time suitable for people of romantic nature. Dreamers to legalize the relationship will be the first day of spring, and from 18 to 30 March. These days, the growing Moon will fuel their love and positive influence on the relationship after the wedding. However, according to Russian tradition, in March rarely play the wedding, because this time of lent, and the Church crowns the couple, and in Russia the wedding, no wedding was considered invalid. In 2018, the post will run from 19 February to 7 April.

According to the lunar calendar is the most favorable day for the wedding will be March 23. Under the influence of Gemini couple will be able to create a strong Union based on mutual understanding. Communicative and active partners will not allow them to get bored, and common interests unite the spouses. In this creative Union often born gifted children. Also, the positive influence of Venus, the patron Saint of Friday. She brings to life the spouses complete harmony and understanding.

Unfavorable time for marriage will be on 6 and 12 March.

Wedding in April 2018

In April comes the time of love and romance. The awakening of nature, fresh herbs and the warm days enhance amorous feelings. In the old days the wedding tried to play on the Red Slide, which in April 2018 falls on the 15th. However, in this day of energy of the waning moon in the constellation of Aries does not contribute to the formation of strong families. The couple married this Sunday, will often argue in defence of his opinion, and it would not contribute to a harmonious Union. Astrologers believe that such a Union will not be long and is likely to fall apart due to misunderstanding of partners.

The most favorable days will be the number from 17 to 29 April. On the last day of the month will be a full Moon, which ambiguously influences on love unions. On the one hand, you can expect complete harmony and understanding, and on the other — conflicts and conflict of interests.

The most successful energy days are 20, 27 and 29 April. In the first case the Moon is in the constellation Gemini award spouses a quiet and happy family life in which they will fully be able to enjoy his senses. 27 the positive influence of the zodiac of Libra will be the most favorable time to enter into unions later in life, when couples consciously make the choice and not prone to youthful maximalism, which could become an obstacle to the formation of a long relationship. On 29 April, the constellation of the Scorpion will give a second chance to people who have already been married. The decision to legalize the Union is ambiguous: you can experience the feeling of jealousy towards the partner, but overall the day will be favorable and full of positive energy.

A bad selection will be April 7. In this day of waning Moon in the sign of Capricorn will have a negative impact on family relationships, and the couple can simply “get rid of” mutual love putting on the first place personal interests and selfishness.

May wedding in 2018

According to statistics, in may have the least number of marriages. This is due primarily to the beliefs of our ancestors. They believed that the couple who married this month, will only add to the toil, because it was in may began the agricultural work, and people were not up to revelry.

If you put aside prejudices, and may may be the ideal month for marriage and a strong unit of society. A good day for celebration will be the number from 16 to 28. However, on 22 and 23 may have a wedding desirable. The moon is in the constellation of Virgo will give the Union the endless domestic problems and obstacles in life. Astrologers do not recommend to plan a serious event in your life on these dates to avoid the imminent separation of the pair.

The most successful days in may are 20, 25 and 27. Energy these days the moon will reach the peak and established couples will be able to live my life hand in hand, without putting your relationship at risk.

Wedding in June 2018

The beginning of summer, and the summer season is the time for weddings and exciting celebrations. Warm weather and lack of cold and slush make June a very tempting month for weddings. For the period from 14 to 27 June you can easily plan a celebration and not to deny myself anything.

On June 25 the Moon is in the growth phase will be in the constellation Sagittarius, and the day astrologers called the most successful for a combination of loving hearts in the Union. Marriage on this day will grow from year to year, but the couple will trust each other and work together to go through life, pursuing common interests.

The beginning of the month will be under the influence of the waning moon, and this time the most dangerous for couples. The most negative days of the month are 2, 9 and 13 June, when the bride and groom under the threat of imminent breakup.

July wedding in 2018

July is a powerful month for energy. Imbued with the energy of the Sun and the scent of wild flowers, he may be the most desirable for couples who choose to legalize their relationship. Many lovers prefer to celebrate their wedding in the ancient Wedding rituals and traditions”>traditions of the mass celebration and the traditional outfits that are quite bright.

From 14 to July 26, the moon rise allows you to choose any day for the sacrament of marriage.

Bad days that couples should abandon the idea of the celebration will be days from 10 to 12 July. During this period, the weakened energy of the waning moon will not contribute to the formation of strong unions.

Marriage in August 2018

August is the month of stability. No wonder our ancestors started festive celebrations this month. Believed to dry and Sunny weather during the wedding, the newlyweds promised financial well-being. The energy of abundance, literally poured into the air, making the last month of summer the most attractive.

Favorable in August to get married in the next few days: 17, 19, 24, 25, 26.

Neutral days are: 3-6, 9, 10, 12-16, 18, 20-23, 27, 28, 31.

Dangerous dayswhich the astrologers do not recommend to plan the wedding celebrations, will be: 1, 2, 7, 8, 11, 29, 30.

Wedding in September 2018

Harmonious Sep gives newlyweds a stable energy of happiness and stability. This month, as in August, peak of wanting to legalize their relationship. People come back from vacations, and warm weather with incipient riot of colors nature has its own magnetism which attracts the romantics.

Astrologers advise couples to choose the next date for wedding: 11, 14-16, 21-24.

For neutral days can be attributed 10, 12, 13, 17, 19-20, 28-30.

The negative energy will be the days from 3 to 6, 8, 9, 18, 27.

If you are not sure in your partner, you are afraid of the unknown or you were just nervous from the responsibility for the future of step, avoid periods of the waning moon and give preference to the days when the night star will be at the peak of its positive possibilities.

October wedding in 2018

In the old days the October wedding was very popular. The festivities lasted until Christmas, and in mid-autumn, the parents often arranged the bride of his younger daughters. The patronage of the moon this month from 10 to 23 the number will allow young quickly to his feet and gain financial independence from their parents. The most positive days this month are 14, 19, 21, 22, 26.

Beware the vows of eternal love need from 2 to 6, 25, 27 Oct. These days couples can bring their relationship and envious detractors, which in the future can become the reason of scandals and conflicts in the family and even bring a couple to divorce.

Wedding in November 2018

Despite the weather, the last month of the outgoing fall is popular with couples. November was an exceptional month, and from 6 to 26 the number of marriage will bring luck to the partners. During this period the moon rise gives way to fall, however, the energy of the moon will be positive or neutral. A large selection of dates of celebration will help you make the right triumph. However, if you are in doubt, the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to use a numerology calculation. With it, you will be able to choose the perfect date for your celebration.

Unfavourable days of the month will be 1-7, 27-30 Nov.

December wedding in 2018

It is believed that the wedding concluded in December, give life to a strong and indestructible Union, which the loving hearts of the partners warmed each other even in the most severe frosts. If you do not confuse weather conditions, you can safely plan your wedding for the period 7 to 24 December. The most successful energy days are on 14 and 21 December. During these periods, your marriage takes on added strength and sealed in Heaven.

It is not recommended to plan a wedding on 1-6, 25-27 Dec. These days are filled with destructive energy. Couples after marriage can quickly grow cold to each other, realizing the error of their choices and very different characters. Possible problems in everyday life: different views on household duties will not add spouses optimism.

Marriage is a very serious step. You choose a companion for life, and full confidence in the right choice you can check the compatibility with your partner by Zodiac Sign.