Lunar calendar Vasilisa Volodya in 2018

Recommendations Vasilisa Volodya, famous astrologer, will help you to have 2018 productively and successfully. Consider the lunar phases when planning to your success was absolute.

The new year carries a positive energy charge that you want to use from the first days. As you know, the beginning of the year sets the rhythm, so don’t be lazy to join the work in January. After the holidays, use the suggested recommendations, and you will be able to avoid many troubles in life.


In the first month active will allow you to achieve success, but the energy is still low, therefore, risky actions should be avoided. In January, we can plan and plan things that you will realize in the course of the year.

Waxing Moon: 1, 18-30 Jan. This period will be dedicated to active cases to achieve financial independence. Choose the path of development in the business, establish contacts, pass courses of additional education for career growth.

Waning Moon: 3-16 Jan. Dedicate time to home improvement. Create a unique atmosphere of coziness and harmony to your home has become a place of rest and recuperation. Also pay attention to close people: reconnect with relatives and don’t forget to help those who need your help. In January you will have the opportunity to find love.

Full moon on 2 January. Full Moon in Cancer will be a time of caution and care. On this day, people may be tempted to give in to secret desires, but this behavior can quarrel with close relatives. An astrologer recommends to do daily activities, do not require much effort.

The new moon on January 17. Update lunar energy will be in the constellation of Aquarius. This auspicious day Vasilisa Volodina recommends to devote to the development of personality. You will be able to coincide with the new Moon exercise, fasting and struggle with addictions. Also Wednesday, a wonderful initiative will be active interaction with people. To exclude is to communicate with public authorities to avoid bureaucratic delays.

The full moon on January 31. The moon in Leo will help to do fast and energetic things that will not take you much time. However, the impulsiveness of the constellation can affect mood, making people prone to vanity. Be careful in your behaviour to inadvertently hurt relatives and colleagues.


In February, the energy increases and should be used to adjust plans, studying new information, training and development. Dedicate the final month of winter to restore the final touches on plans to spring to begin active implementation of global projects.

Waning Moon: 1-15 Feb. Almost the entire period the energy of the moon will be positive and that means it’s time to engage in personal life. Single people should pay attention to the immediate surroundings not to miss the harbingers of love. Couples need to pay attention to each other and to their children, to begin planning for the replenishment of the family.

Waxing Moon: from 17 to 28 February. These days are filled with positive energy flows. This period can be timed as a profession or secondary skill, and hiring new employees. Share the experience and do not hesitate to ask for advice from more wise people.

The new moon on February 16. On Friday, constellation energy Fish takes the thoughts from specifics, so important things should be postponed. The astrologer recommends a day of active leisure and informal communication. Also, this new Moon will help you restore the immune system. To do this, start treatment herbs. To increase the body’s resistance to diseases will help to hardening and walks in the fresh air.


In March you will be able to start implementing the plans. It is a favorable time for action, searches of financial independence. With quickness you will be able to improve their financial situation, and purchase the long-awaited high-value goods.

Waxing Moon: 1, 18-30 March. The moon rise in March will give the opportunity to move up the career ladder, start your own business that will bring income. Hire people and build relationships with sponsors, suppliers and partners involved in your business. Your direct participation is the right strategy.

Waning Moon: March 3-16. During the recession of the lunar energy and creative Affairs. It’s possible that hobby you can turn into an additional source of income. Also in the March month will be a good journey. Business travel, trips to resorts for outdoor activities — all this will bring you not only the benefits but also attract into your life good luck.

The full moon on March 2. The constellation of Virgo allows you to deal with absolutely any business areas. The positive influence of the moon makes it possible to implement ambitious plans, however, excessive impulsivity should be avoided. Start the day right and in a good mood, so good luck to you in the most crucial moments.

The new moon on March 17. Moon in Pisces — time completion, evaluation, and planning. Not time for new Moon new occupations, which in the future can stumble through no fault of your reasons. Vasilisa Volodina recommends to spend the day in a circle of close people to enjoy family warmth and support for all family members.

The full moon on March 31. Zodiac Libra on this day reported positive energy, and new Moon helps you to realize the most daring undertakings. If you start any business, then that time is now. Cooperation in business and making informed decisions will give you the opportunity to realize all our plans.


Activity in April may be aimed not only at business and personal life, but also on active work in the garden or yard. Coordinate its activities with a sowing calendar to get wonderful crops and timely planting flower beds.

Waning Moon: April 1-15. The period of waning moon in April — a time of positive communication. You can find new friends and love, and to invite their business customers, suppliers and investors. It is also a time for planning for the near future.

Waxing Moon: April 17-29. Energy waxing moon will allow you to actively improve the business sphere of life. Realize your potential in a creative environment to make a hobby source of income. The April month is suitable for people of art. At this time, the astrologer encourages them to develop.

The new moon on April 16. The sign of Taurus according to the positive energy for attaining financial well-being. This day with your positive attitude will provide you with a quick start and growth of funds. Don’t forget that the change of energy and its renewal in the space can affect the emotional state. Do not succumb to impulsive outbursts, not to lose their savings.

The full moon on 30 April. The full Moon is in the constellation of Scorpio, which gives the opportunity to make responsible decisions, to move towards goals. Eliminate conflict situations and risky business that all your plans come true in the near future. Monday rely on intuition, which will help you to distinguish true friends from enemies.


On a fine may days will positively affect the mood and give the opportunity to work. Despite signs of people, you will be able to achieve success if you do not postpone the case indefinitely.

Waning Moon: 1-14, 30-31 may. Waning Moon in may — a time of establishing personal life. Romance is really in the space, so single people should take advantage of proven tools attract love. Couples should spend time alone, to enjoy the spiritual closeness and shake the dying feelings. The astrologer recommends a break from the everyday routine and go on a journey.

Waxing Moon: may 16-28. On the growing moon in the month you can rely on. It’s powerful enough to give you a boost. Open up new horizons and not hold on to old job that brings you good income and satisfaction. Finding a new position, you will be able to do at any time, and for the confidence to use charms of good fortune.

The new moon on may 15. This new Moon will be in Taurus, but with all the positivity of the day active is moderate. Engage in planning of deposits, calculate the risks, to the growing moon to get rid of financial insolvency. At this time, avoid aggressive people, which can negatively affect your weakened aura.

The full moon on may 29. The full moon in Sagittarius will take place on Tuesday, and thus the patron of the day, Mars will help you by providing an additional source of power. In the morning tune in the positive, avoid impulsive flares, and any business you quickly will go to the mountain.


The beginning of summer is a peculiar feature that you can fail. This time, the first results of the invested efforts, victories and planning new achievements. The astrologer recommends this month for the hard work, not forgetting to relax and regain strength in the family.

Waning Moon: 1-12, 29 and 30 June. In June, the waning Moon will bring many positive aspects, but it will stay in the constellation of the RAM 8 and the number 9 could have a negative impact on the General mood. These days will probably be the most dangerous to rash and risky decisions. Try to guide them away from angry people, not to succumb to provocations.

Waxing Moon: 14-27 Jun. The rise of the moon gives you the opportunity to try yourself in new role. You might want to change the scope of activities, and this month will be successful for new plans. Also in June, we can safely associate yourself with a relationship with someone you love. Positive energy days will allow you to create a beautiful family. However calculate compatibility in order to be confident in their serious decision.

The new moon on June 13. The new moon will be in Gemini. In addition, the thirteenth is considered unlucky number by many, this time will be filled with contradictory energy. On the one hand, you can do business, leading to enrichment. But on the other it is the time of decrease of vitality and exacerbation of chronic diseases. Carefully watch your health and take timely measures to prevent diseases.

The full moon on 28 June. Thursday’s full Moon will pass into the constellation of Capricorn. This time can be devoted to dealing with the estate, is profitable to sell or buy an appartment or to find tenants for an apartment. However, the full Moon promotes impatience and desire to give in to many temptations. Be careful to not be fooled.


The middle of summer involves a rush of energy, and it is to direct the construction, both literally and figuratively. It’s time for hurt, a launching pad for business relationships, implementation of plans for the construction of houses, acquisition of flats. The astrologer recommends not to miss any opportunities, and in 2018 to fulfill all my dreams.

Waning Moon: 1-12, 28-31 July. Decreasing energy lights will give you the opportunity for productive business communication. During this period, you will be able to provide an education that will open for you plenty of prospects. Measured activity and positive attitude will help you to rally like-minded people and with their support to implement your plans.

Waxing Moon: 14-26 July. Human energy is growing along with the Moon, so this period guide active. Visit the markets to buy necessary equipment and building materials, consider sold houses or land view offers on sale of apartments. Activities backed by the whispers on luck.

The new moon on July 13. The constellation of Cancer according to good energy. This time spent in solitude, will help to correctly prioritize, define development strategy, fix some bugs. However, in new Moon astrologer recommends to distribute forces correctly to avoid fatigue.

The full moon of 27 July. Full Moon in Capricorn — time active collection of medicinal herbs. On this day the energy of the moon gives them special powers, so the collection and harvesting of medicinal raw materials can be timed to this day. Caution should be exercised in everyday life — the energy of the moon is not conducive to rapid healing of wounds, so observe safety precautions when working with fire and sharp objects.


The final summer month — the next stage of your journey when you will be able to take stock and make plans for the future. The energy is gradually on the decline, so the activity is replaced by calm creativity. In August, do not try to chase wealth, but do not miss given a Universe of possibilities.

Waning Moon: 1-10, 27-31 August. In the period when the Moon is waning, pay attention to spiritual growth. Let go of resentment and negative mood, focus on cultivating the best qualities. Also, this period is suitable for collaborative work, given the lack of controversy. The team you will be able to perform more tasks.

Waxing Moon: 12-25 Aug. The energy of the waxing moon speeds up mental activity, therefore, all desire time to this period. Develop and do not miss the opportunity to attend training courses, go to business where you will be able to get new experience and to share their experience.

The new moon on August 11. The new moon in Leo is a very dangerous time. The constellation affects our perception of the world, arouses vanity and pride that will prevent positive communication and can cause conflicts. This time of solitude and planning, the calculation of each step on the way to the goal.

The full moon on August 26. Zodiac Pisces divert people’s thinking from concrete thinking and dreams, therefore, in serious cases to deal not worth it. The full Moon intensifies all the feelings and emotions that do not promote active communication, if your mood is dominated by aggressive notes. The astrologer recommends a time for meditation, improves mood.


Energy of the first autumn month is stable. At this time, according to the recommendations Vasilisa Volodya, successful Affairs will be family creation, investments, acquisition of real estate.

Waning Moon: 1-8, 26-30 September. This period is considered the time when people will be able to “fill their pantry”. This means that it’s time to invest in their own education and development. New knowledge or refreshing forgotten information will allow us to achieve significant success until the end of the year.

Waxing Moon: 10-24 September. The moon rise provokes activity, but with the onset of autumn she will not force you to urgent cases. Spend this time working on unfinished projects, and free time begin the implementation of those cases that will definitely complete before the end of 2018.

The new moon of September 9. The new moon in Virgo, in the opinion of the astrologer, will be hazardous to overall health. Watch your health and don’t overdo during the day. Pay attention to your mood, because it will depend on your mood for the whole day.

The full moon on September 25. The impulsiveness of Aries, multiplied by the powerful energy of the moon will be a problem for you number one. All the power is directed to the achievement of internal harmony, because without it the 25th, you risk to make enemies in the team.


Mid — autumn is a time of solitude and quiet time. To avoid autumn Blues will help you with a plan of action that will distract you from sad thoughts. Fill yourself with creative energy meditations on the Zodiac Sign.

Waning Moon: 1-8, 25-31 Oct. During the lowering of energy fill her lack of moderate physical activity. Do not try to pull things in a short time. An astrologer recommends to proceed in stages, dividing labor-intensive projects apart.

Waxing Moon: 10-23 Oct. Lift forces, though not to the extent as in the summer, will help to build business to business and also to devote time to helping loved ones. Communication with parents and closest relatives will have a beneficial impact on mood.

The new moon on 9 October. Moon in Libra is not conducive to activity. This time we can dedicate to solitude and analysis of completed cases. Focus on the main thing in your life, not to deviate from the path to success.

The full moon on October 24. The full moon in Aries is very contradictory. Impulsive energy of the constellation liberate shy people, will allow them to assert their rights. But for strong-willed people of this day will be full of temptations and desires succumb to your preferences. The astrologer recommends the deletion of noisy companies and prefer quiet family gatherings.


This month you will be able to draw some preliminary conclusions, to start training, and also to devote your free time to his favorite hobby to pass the evening. The calm of nature affects energy person, so a strong burst of activity should not wait.

Waning Moon: 1-6, 24-30 Nov. This period is intended to complete ongoing cases. New beginnings is not recommended because of the likelihood of their difficult progress in the future. Dedicate time to physical training, strengthen the immune system with warming drinks.

Waxing Moon: 8-22 Nov. The rise of the moon will give courage that will be very timely. Before the Christmas holidays there is very little time, and the astrologer recommends to actively proceed with the work to be completed this year.

The new moon on 7 November. At this new Moon influence on people will have a Scorpio. His power is not conducive to active cases. Solve only the immediate problems and do not attempt to be engaged simultaneously in several cases, not to provoke a breakdown and bad mood.

The full moon on November 23. Harmonious day under the influence of Gemini will be devoted to performing a fast and energetic Affairs. Do not begin long term projects, complete current Affairs, to free up time for bigger projects in the future.


According to the lunar calendar Vasilisa Volodya is a harmonious month. The end of the year and summarizing, as well as the fulfillment of secret desires, as well representatives of the zodiacal circle.

Waning Moon: 1-6, 23-31 Dec. The waning Moon is a time of quiet and steady activity. Hard work and passion for your business will help you to complete all projects to receive financial reward.

Waxing Moon: 8-21 Dec. With the growth of the moon you can actively participate in the business of life, to make a final push and manage to realize all our plans from the beginning of 2018. This time and events: purchase gifts, planning for the holidays.

The new moon on 7 December. The new moon in Sagittarius takes life force. In this regard, the astrologer recommends to avoid fatigue and active communication with colleagues because of the great probability of disputes.

The full moon on December 22. On the Sabbath day under the influence of the Twins engage in solving the accumulated problems, to make plans for the near future. The energy of the day will allow to be active, but avoid impulsiveness, and intemperance.

Use the moon phases to their advantage and every day start with a smile. So you can avoid a lot of trouble, strengthen your aura and to achieve good results.