Lunar calendar purchases for July 2017

Coordinate your purchases with a monthly lunar calendar that luck will never leave you, and your savings are not exposed to unnecessary risk.

The moon affects all spheres of life. To avoid unnecessary expenses and losses, use the recommendations in November. With their help, you will be able economically to spend their savings and not be at risk of acquiring substandard goods. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to take the advice of astrologers, to the power of the stars also accompanied you.

November 1-3: the impact of the constellation of Aries, in Alliance with the growing Moon is unfavorable for large purchases. Impulsivity inherent in these days, can trigger strong emotions, and purchases made on the wave of sentiment, will quickly lose relevance. During this period, astrologers recommend to reduce costs. In order not to succumb to the temptation to spend too much, do not bring large sums.

4-5 November: full Moon on 4 November and the next phase of the waning moon will be in Taurus. On Saturday the cost is to limit, and on Friday you can feel free to buy necessary household items, but count on a good deal in buying real estate. This day is favorable for travel, purchase of finishing materials, furniture.

6-7 November: Monday and Tuesday will be held under the influence of energetic Twins. Despite the fact that the Moon gradually decreases, this time filled with positive energy. The most favorable shopping in these days, according to astrologers, will be the acquisition of items of the winter wardrobe. Moreover, in anticipation of the new delivery of the goods, many shops hold shares, so you will have the opportunity to purchase desirable items at attractive prices.

November 8-9: the constellation of Cancer in Alliance with the waning Moon — a time of thoughtful actions and regular activities. This period is the most appropriate for the previously planned shopping. Spontaneous purchases make is not necessary, as the decrease of vitality provokes sensibility and strong emotions. Yielding to the feelings, you can far exceed the acceptable level of costs, so plan your budget on your desired purchase.

10-11 November: the Moon continues to take away life force and, approaching the new Moon passes the constellation of Leo. This Sign affects the emotions, allowing people to be ambitious and achieve their uzela. However, in the period from 10 to 11 November: increased risk of rash and risky actions. You can lose your savings, yielding to the excitement. These days should save your capital to later spend money on really necessary things, and not to let finances “into the wind”.

12-13 November: the virgin, who in these days will manage space in the Union with the Moon, will give people the desire to work productively. In this regard, from Tuesday to Wednesday, you can safely go to the store armed with a shopping list. The rigorous calculation and personal accounting software will help you to profitably purchase goods and to refrain from unnecessary purchases.

14-15 November: a three-day period will be held under the power of Libra. These days will be filled with harmonious energy and will be very favorable for the acquisition of household goods and tools for repairs.

16-18 November: waning Moon in Scorpio — it’s time to update the gadgets and other technical devices. Thursday and Friday you can safely go to the shops to buy a new phone or microwave. But in the period of the new Moon, November 18, astrologers recommend to refrain from spending money. Spend the day in a relaxed atmosphere, saving power. In the evening you can conduct a ritual that will allow you to attract money luck.

19-20 November: the beginning of the growth of the moon will be in harmonious Union with the constellation Sagittarius. During this period lovely ladies can safely go shopping in beauty supply stores. Treat yourself to new flavors and a cute heart things and purchase small gifts for loved ones. A new eau de toilette, a gift beloved man these days, will be the perfect occasion for a romantic dinner or a regular date.

21-23 November: the rise of the moon in the sign of Capricorn will have a positive effect on people, increases thinking ability and concentration of thought on complex issues. These days are especially favorable for any planned purchases, and that your capital was out of danger, purchase a new wallet that will facilitate the flow of Finance.

24-25 November: Aquarius during the period from 24 to 25 November generously shares her positive energy, which is directed to active work. This period will be good for socializing, all kinds of meetings and also for shopping. However, under the influence of the Union of the moon and the zodiacal constellation the astrologers recommend to refrain from purchasing domestic appliances, giving preference to purchases items of clothing or bedding.

26-28 November: the Moon enters into the growth phase approaches full Moon and this three-day period will hold in the Fish. In these days of diminished mental concentration, and people are prone to dreams and illusions, rather than to active mental work. In this regard, astrologers recommend to go shopping and purchase items to decorate your home. However, carefully weighed decision not to buy a trinket at an inflated price.

29-30 November: the end of autumn, the Moon will be in constellation Aries. These days will be filled with powerful energy flows that can cause frequent mood swings, aggression and the desire to stand out among the environment. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend these days for a classroom, calming the nervous system, and eliminate impulse buys Finance. This time is intended for the purchase of necessities.

To spend every day, with luck, you can use personal talismans. And in order to achieve financial independence, keep a diary of expenditure and do not forget to carry out effective rituals aimed at enrichment.