Lunar calendar plants in September 2017

The energy of the moon will help everyone to grow a beautiful winter garden. Using the recommendations of the lunar calendar, compiled by experts of the website dailyhoro.ru you will know the most favorable days for plant care and days in which active manipulation of colors are inappropriate.

With the help of plants can not only decorate home, but also to be able to protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of negative energy. To grow beautiful flowers will help moon phases and recommendations of the lunar calendar plants in September.

Favorable and unfavorable days for transplanting plants and care for them

1-2 September: the rise of the moon in the beginning of the month will take place in the constellation of Capricorn. This is a good time for the care of all houseplants. Favourable will be watering, loosening soil and transplanting plants to larger pots, and preparation of seed for future plantings.

3-4 September: barren Aquarius, the constellation which the moon is these days, is not well suited for active work with plants. These days should be limited to raking, pruning of dried and damaged shoots and spray the colors available from insects, parasitic on leaves and stems.

5-7 September: waxing Moon in the constellation Pisces endows the space with positive energy. These days will be a good transplant with subsequent rooting of plants, acquisition of new flowers in your garden, caring for roses with the processing of stems and formation of the crown. The full moon on 6 September — a time of calm. During this period, it is possible to soak seeds that have good germination and extensive root system.

8-9 September: the constellation of Aries is favorable for the replacement of the soil in the pots, preparing plants for the winter. For this, they need to limit watering and crop newly emerging shoots. Desirable in these days to plant seeds of fast growing plants that will not have protection from diseases.

10-11 September: waning energy of the moon in the constellation Taurus has a positive effect on the underground parts of plants. This period is intended to transplant plants of vysielanie seed seedling which will possess the sturdy stems and strong root system. Attention should be paid to bulbous flowers, spraying and processing of the stems from dirt and dust.

12-13 September: the phase of the waning moon and the Gemini Twins suited to care for climbing plants. Removal of dry leaves, creating supports for mustache and moderate fertilization will form a good root system will strengthen the stems.

14-15 September: the constellation of Cancer these days will allow you to give attention to low-growing plants. Planting and seed soaking in this period slows down the development of plants, but they have a good root system. A good will care for your cacti that are preparing for winter rest. They need to be moved to a shaded area to limit further growth and development.

September 16-17: the waning Moon in Leo — time for a lull. Plants and need proper rest. Use these days for employment creation, purchase of a new beautiful pots for flowers, or preparing the earthen mixture for transplanting plants and flowers.

18-20 September: the Virgo constellation and the subsequent new Moon is suitable for moderate irrigation, soil treatment against parasites and removal of broadleaf plants dust. Days will be good for vysielanie annual flowers and salad that will have excellent taste. In new Moon, September 20, the plants require a rest.

September 21-22: the rise of the moon in Libra is suitable for planting bulbous plants. They will have a high germination qualities, as well as develop a good root system and strong ground stems. This period is successful and to acquire new plants to your garden.

September 23-24: the constellation of Scorpio gives the space a positive energy that fans of plants should be used for active care are available in house colours. In these days of attention to perennial woody plants. Timely feeding will strengthen their root system and help prepare for the period of cold weather.

25-27 September: under the influence of the waxing moon and of the constellation Sagittarius the newly planted plants have good germination, but weak shoots. They should reinforce with the help of props and make fertilizers to strengthen and nourish the rapidly growing shoots.

28-29 September: the constellation of Capricorn gives the plants strength, which is favorable for transplant and are to be seated flowers. This period is suitable for the care of violets, their reproduction and to prepare the plants for the next flowering.

September 30: last day of September the Moon will be in the constellation of Aquarius. This day is not suitable for outdoor work, so stick to moderate watering and spraying of plants. Remove the damaged stems, and shoots should be careful not to put in the wound pathogenic bacteria.

Home garden necessary for every home. With colors the room is saturated with oxygen, and the space is filled with harmonious energy. Those in search of the second half, you should pay attention to the acquisition of plants, contributing to bringing the house of love and happiness.