Lunar calendar plants in 2018

To grow a beautiful home garden for each. Use the recommendations of the lunar calendar plants to be aware of the changing lunar energy. With its help you will create a home unique winter garden that will delight you with beautiful and healthy plants.

The influence of the moon on plants is great, so caring for them is to implement on auspicious days, when the energy of the moon is positive. Do not forget that not all plants can be kept at home. Some of them are toxic and threaten the health, others have negative energy. These colors should be avoided so as not to court disaster and failure on himself and his family.


The winter month is suitable for a temperate care of plants, most of which goes into hibernation. Their growth slows down, therefore active care is not required. Put aside fertilizers. They enhance the growth of flowers, but without the active support of sun your plants will be weak and can get sick from lack of light and heat.

1-2 Jan. The first day of the month the Moon is in growth phase and is in the constellation of Cancer. This is the right time to care for plants. You can spray broadleaf flowers, freeing them from dust and dirt, paraglide soil for oxygen to the root system.

On January 10-11. These days the energy of the waning moon provides a good development of the root system. The influence of the Scorpio is also positive, and these days you can devote to transplant overgrown flowers, planting new seedlings. You can buy new plants, which will decorate your house.

20-21 Jan. The rise of the moon landing provides the fastest germination. Dedicate these days to care for curly flowers. Remove the extra shoots and dead plant parts. The constellation Pisces has a good effect on newly transplanted flowers, which will grow rapidly, giving you a bright new shoots.

On January 25-26. The constellation Taurus in Union with the Moon will supply the space with positive energy. These days you will be able to actively look after its winter garden, paying attention to those flowers that require care.

On 29-30 January. The constellation of Cancer and the power of the moon these days will be favorable for you to care for the flowers, growing flower buds. They need more dressing, otherwise they may lose color, and not having pleased you with colorful blossoms.


In February, the care of plants is no less important because many of the flowers ready to bloom. Proper care of them on auspicious days will allow you to enjoy the beautiful flowers and to watch the development of the newly acquired colors. To your house was always harmony and comfort, purchase plants happiness.

6-8 February. In these days of carefully review each plant. The moon in Scorpio endows the space with positive energy, and you will be able to cure the diseased plants without the hassle. Sprinkle them with special tools and a shift from healthy shoots.

12-13 February. Under the influence of Capricorn the plants grow well, so special care is required. Limit yourself to watering, tilling the earth and wiping wide parts of the plants from dust.

17-18 February. These days the constellation of Pisces and the moon rise will allow the breeding of new flower seeds. You can grow perfect seedlings for home gardens and for planting in open ground. You can start to plant flower bulbs, for example lilies.

21-22 February. Energy of these days are favorable for any work with plants. Taurus has a beneficial effect on the shoots, increasing the growth of flowers and giving them good resistance to various diseases.

On February 25-26. Moon in fertile Cancer, and therefore, the time has come for active work. If your flowers require no maintenance, do some vysielanie salad to create a full source of vitamins.


March — a time of revival and vigorous growth of plants. During this period they need care and care as well as the change of the earth and transplant into new pots. Do not forget about the dressing, because in the spring the flowers begin rapid growth, and fertilizer will help them make up for the lack of nutrients.

On March 1-2. The moon in Pisces in the growth phase, and therefore, attention should be paid to plants with well-developed crown. The newly planted flowers will grow quickly, so they need to create support. Feed shoots that they have pleased you with its healthy appearance.

March 6. The moon in Scorpio provides seeds fast growth, so you can safely soak the seeds, to plant seedlings and to start work on the street flower beds.

On March 20-21. The moon in Taurus will give you the opportunity to actively engage in winter garden, rearrange the plants in more Sunny areas, transplant the flowers and purchase a new evergreen shrubs for home.

March 22. Moon in Gemini — a good time to work with the ground part of the plants. Do not disturb the roots and soil, not to interfere with the growth of their flowers.

On March 25-26. Under the influence of Pisces flowers are developing rapidly. Your care and feeding will allow ornamental trees to quickly form a crown, and fertilization preparing for the flowering of the plants will enable them to form many buds.

27-31 March. The end of the month will be devoted to the careful care of plants. If the weather permits, they can be put on the enclosed balcony to ensure maximum source of sunlight and energy.


In April, gardeners should look for plants to get light colors closer to sunlight, but not direct sunlight, so as not to damage the tender leaves. Also this month you can “evict” cactuses to an enclosed balcony. Tempering these plants, you will achieve them abundant flowering in winter.

April 3. Waning Moon moves into the constellation of Scorpio. The flowers actively growing root system, so power point on the top of the plants. These days you can spray the flowers or to throw them a shower, after closing the land from erosion.

17-19 April. The three-day period the Moon will provide positive energy to flowers. Its presence in Taurus, then in Gemini will give the opportunity to prove yourself as a breeder. Cross your colors to get new colors.

April 21. On this day, energy of the constellation of Cancer allows to deal with the transplanting of existing plants and the purchase of seeds and seedlings of new ones.

On April 25-26. These days the growth of the moon and the zodiacal virgin provide the plants with extra strength for the active growth and development. If you are planning to kronirovat ornamental shrubs, refrain, as the juice is at this time actively seeking to leaves.

On 29-30 April. The constellation Scorpius has a positive effect on flowers and timely care, watering and handling plants can safely start these days.


May provide plants sufficient light and Sunny air, so can take the plants outside. However, watch out for changeable weather so that your flowers do not freeze or broken from strong winds.

May 9. Favorable colors for the day will be under the influence of Pisces. On this day, you can safely do a change of colors in the prepared soil and sow the seeds of new plants.

16-19 may. Four days of positive influence of the moon, being first in Gemini and then in Cancer, is more active care for existing plants. Not be amiss soil fertilizer.

May 24. The constellation Libra has a positive effect on plants, and gardeners can dedicate this day active care of his garden.

On may 28-29. During the full moon, when the Moon will occupy a position in the constellation of Scorpio, we can safely deal with plants. Watering and pruning dead parts of the flowers will help them to develop.


Auspicious days in June will be sufficient for high-quality care for flowering plants, and tropical wonders. Pay attention to the roses, which in summer months will be subject to attacks of aphids and other pests.

June 7. Moon in Pisces gives a space of positive energy that allows for your lovely colors to develop rapidly. On this day, take care of plants that require abundant watering and tilling the land.

On June 14-15. Effect Cancer these days can be used for the care of existing plants, and seated overgrown flowers.

On June 19-20. The waxing Moon moves into the constellation Virgo, which means, your flowers are ready to be processed from parasites and incorporate basal fertilizer.

On June 23-24. The positive influence of the constellation of Scorpio allows you to soak the seeds and planted seedlings of flowers both at home and in the open ground.

On 26-28 June. The positive influence of the moon is suitable for active manipulation of plants. These days you can take care of whimsical flowers, including violets. They can sit down and take the leaves to grow new shoots.


In July, the plants receive the maximum amount of sunlight, which is why many Amateurs and professionals put flowers on the street, to harden them and give them the opportunity to develop under natural conditions.

The 4th of July. Waning Moon this day is in Pisces, and therefore, the time for planting bulbs and plants with extensive root system. Under the influence of positive energy, germination increases.

17-20 July. Four days the Moon will supply the plants with positive energy, having been in Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. Dedicate this time to care for plants, and they will delight you with strong and healthy shoots, gorgeous foliage and abundant flowering.

July 22-27. The development of flowers in these days can be accelerated by watering them with a nutrient solution. You can independently engage in the manufacture of nutritional substances, or purchase a ready-made solutions in flower shops.


In August, the growth of many plants slows down, and the most capricious of them require your attention. Tropical flowers should be in rooms without drafts and sudden temperature changes, which in August are not uncommon.

August 1. The first day of August the Moon gives the positive energy that you can use to care for house plants and works in the garden or on the plot.

9 Aug. The constellation Cancer on this day positively affects the growth of flowers. Timely watering and loosening the soil will help them develop properly and form magnificent crowns.

14-18 August. A long period of influence of the moon will charge you with optimism and plants will provide additional impetus for growth and development. At this time you can safely do any work with flowers, both at home and on open beds.

21-23 August. The moon moves into the constellation of Capricorn, which positively affects the growth of plants. Newly planted flowers take root quickly and are resistant to temperature extremes.

26, August 28. The constellation of Pisces will help you deal with pests and ensure good plant care: wipe the leaves and remove any extra shoots to form healthy growth of ornamental trees.


In September, the proper care of evergreens will help them prepare for winter and move it without any problems. Many plants cannot be left outdoors, as an abundant fall of dew may have a negative impact on their health.

11-14 Sep. Favorable energy days you can devote to caring for plants that need transplanting to larger pots. Modern manipulations retain their roots, and the new capacity will allow to develop actively.

18-19 September. The rise of the moon in Capricorn is favorable for watering and loosening of soil and for planting newly purchased plants.

September 23-24. The moon is in the constellation Pisces, and this time successfully care for citrus. They can be safely cut, forming a crown, as well as to instill in the young bushes from cuttings from other plants.


In October, the plants do not require active watering, except for moisture-loving flowers, so a month can be devoted to tilling the soil and content colors in optimal conditions for their development.

On October 2-3. These days the Moon will be in Cancer. Plants don’t need attention. You can grow new seedlings.

On 10-12 October. This period is favorable for vysielanie of flower seeds, as well as for the active care of the plants that are flowering.

On October 15-16. During this period of active care of plants is not carried out. Enjoy a selection of new colors to your winter garden. Astrologers recommend to pay attention to plants that possess the function of air purification.

20 Oct. On this day, the Moon in Pisces will help your flowers to gain strength. A small dressing will be appropriate for those plants that continue to grow.

30 Oct. Note the citrus trees. They begin to prepare for flowering, and they need additional care and watering.


In November pay attention to the microclimate of your garden. Central heating dries the air, so plants will need spraying with water at room temperature.

8 Nov. This time will be favorable for vysielanie of flowers, including annuals. Due to the influence of Scorpio, they quickly germinate and in the middle of winter will delight you with beautiful buds.

11-13 November. These days the influence of Capricorn will provide quick germination of bulbous flowers. If you plan to surprise loved ones with a fresh bouquet, plant tulips or other spring primroses.

16-18 November. Planting and transplanting of flowers in these days, possible due to the influence of the zodiac of Fish. At this time, plants take root quickly, avoiding diseases and forming strong shoots.

On November 21-22. Energy these days is space positive but plants need rest. You can limit the minimum irrigation or abundant spray of flowers.


End of year important to care for tropical plants that actively grow in winter, but often pleasing owners flowering. Also you can safely buy or accept the gift of new ornamental plants.

4 Dec. On this day you can paraglide the land of palm trees, to wipe the dust from the leaves of dracaena and ficus.

9-10 Dec. Care on this day will require all plants that require direct access of oxygen to the roots. The moon in Capricorn rising, so all the juice goes into the shoots. You can safely do a basal cultivation of the land.

14 Dec. On this day, go shopping to buy new and interesting plants. Pay attention to flowers, attracts money luck.

On December 19-20. Plants overwintering or slow growth, transplanting is not necessary, and the rest of the color enough irrigation or cultivation.

Plants are important not only for the decoration of the premises. With their help, you will create at home the unique power of comfort and comfort will fill the space with a gentle fragrance of flowers. Besides, flower lovers can enjoy a creative selection of pots planters and other containers, which will be an additional decor in your home.