Lunar calendar of manicure for October 2017

To maintain the beauty and health of nails you will help recommendations of the moon calendar for October. It reflects the most auspicious days for the care of hands and the dates on which you should refrain from drastic changes.

Beauty hair and nails is not just part of the image. Strong nails, shiny hair and skin are the first indicator of the health of the body. To your physical condition had always been excellent, the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend sticking to a healthy lifestyle and get rid of bad habits.

Nail care requires special attention, therefore, to do a manicure is necessary in certain days of the week. So you don’t spook my luck and will enjoy the lovely manicured hands.

Favorable and unfavorable days for manicure

1-2 October: beginning of October waxing Moon will be in the constellation of Aquarius. This is to change the shape of the nails. If you want to attract the attention of the opposite sex, then preference is given to rounded shape and to make a classic manicure using nail Polish pastel shades. To get rid of health problems, astrologers recommend to cut the nails after sunset.

October 3-4: the Sign of Pisces and the moon rise these days will be a neutral manicure. You can safely go to the wizard to create a new image, and using nails to complement your look. Besides these days with the new manicure you will be able to gain confidence.

October 5-6: the influence of RAM these days is ambiguous. In the period of the new Moon manicure is to make those who feel insecure and faces a difficult choice. 6, when the Moon will wane, the new design of nails with bright Polish or a bold pattern will help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.

7-8 Oct: zodiac Taurus will give the space a positive energy that will favorably affect the condition of your nails. This time is perfect to create a new design, and to care for the nail plate with the use of vitamin masks.

9-10 October: in these days impact on you will have Twins. The Union of the constellation with the waning Moon the number 9 is suitable for changing the color of paint on the more relaxed. 10 Oct astrologers recommend to refrain from manipulation of the hands, so as not to be involved in a conflict situation at work.

October 11-12: the negative impact of the constellation of Cancer, which will be the Moon these days, will provoke emotions and frequent mood swings. In this regard, the March to the master of manicure and pedicure should postpone. You may soon be disappointed in a new design or color of the nails, and their rapid growth would negate the increase.

13-15 October: strong energy Union, the waning moon and the sign of Leo will help you to get rid of the ill-wishers and envious. To do this, you suit bright shades of red, scarlet, orange or Golden nail Polish. October 15 to maintain the good condition of the nail plate, use care funds and arrange a fasting day.

16-17 October: the Moon in Virgo is a great time to get rid of the autumn Blues and recharge your good mood for the whole week. Use the services of a professional, with whom he will develop a bright new nail design. Will complete the image of the stylish hairstyle and choosing the right clothes. Rich colors will help you back to warm summer days.

18-19 Oct: 18 Oct for good growth of the nails and their health is a little to shorten their length. This time is suitable for manicure and pedicure. The new moon in Libra on the 19th will have a negative impact on the nail plate, slowing down the growth of nails and making them brittle. On this day, a good choice would be the protective covering of nails, which will help them to keep healthy.

October 20-22: a three-day period of the waxing Moon will be in Scorpio. October 20, cutting the nails, you will regain harmony and a positive attitude. 21 nail trimming will give you the confidence and help to deal with pressing problems. 22 Oct astrologers recommend to give your nails a rest and treat yourself to a hand massage using aromatic oils.

23-24 October: the constellation Sagittarius these days is to share positive energy. In this regard, any proceedings relating to manicure and pedicure will be successful. In addition, a new nail color will bring you positive mood and green shades will attract money energy. Checked the plots on cash welfare these days will also.

25-27 October: the Moon is in the growth phase moves into the constellation of Capricorn. 25 Oct unwanted manipulations with the nails. They can aggravate chronic diseases. 26 Oct new manicure you will attract the attention of the opposite sex. 27 is a neutral day in which you will be able to do any manipulation with nails.

28-29 October: the constellation of Aquarius and the moon rise these days awaken the feminine energy. Strengthen its charm you can use French manicure. Bright varnishes should not be used. They can cause aggression and pressure, which in this period would be inappropriate. Avoid cracked nails these days will help timely baths with mineral additives.

30-31 October: the end of October the Moon will be in the constellation Pisces. This time is quite changeable, so the manipulation of the nails must be approached with caution. Increasing the nail plate would be inappropriate due to the rapid growth of the nails, and the acute form will not help you in a positive communication with colleagues at work.

To spoil the mood of lovely ladies, every little thing, as they are by nature more impressionable and take everything to heart. Keep a good mood in autumn you will help of exercises that strengthen the female energy. We wish you beauty, health and well-being.