Lunar calendar of manicure for 2018

Human life is closely connected with the cycles of the moon. In ancient times it was noticed that the energy of the moon can be useful for the care of nails, hair and organism in General. Also on auspicious days people can attract into your life prosperity.

Calendar of manicure in 2018 will tell you what days new design of nails will help to get rid of bad mood and draw in the love life, as well as those days in which it is necessary to abandon cutting and staining of the nail plate in favor of skin care of hands and nails.

Even our grandparents knew that nail trimming on certain days of the week can rid them of the negativity and help to achieve the desired goals. Use this knowledge to every day will bring only joy.

Lunar calendar of manicure of January 2018

In January, the most favorable days for manicure and nail clippers will be 10-16, 17, 23 number. These days, you can safely put on your nails any varnish, to create their own design to increase nail plate or carry out other manipulations. With bright shades of red and pink you will be able to attract the attention of any men. Be bold, and you will meet your soul mate.

Negative days to work with the nails are 1 – 9 Jan. At this time, trimming of the nails can cause health problems. Also, avoid applying the Polish, in addition to medical. These days dedicate time to actively care for your hands and guide the course of massage to get rid of ailments. The remaining days of the month will be neutral for nails.

Manicures in February 2018

In February, with the new manicure you will be able to gain favor of superiors, to attract prosperity and fruitful work on serious projects. Manicures can be scheduled on 10-11, 17-19 Feb.

Negative days of the month will be 4, 14, 26 number. This time is suitable for light work that is not related to overexertion and calculations. Do not plan on these days visit nail salon, not to spoil the nail plate varnish, aggressive or poor capacity. Also these days increases the chance of infection, so take a break and give your hands a rest.

Neutral days of the month, use tested recipes strengthen nails using natural ingredients and essential oils. These days you can also draw your own design, thinking through the details that will be able to recreate on nails with the help of a professional or by yourself.

March manicure

The most positive day this month will be 15 March. On this day, luck will literally walk on your heels, so feel free to plan a trip to the nail parlour. With bright nail Polish green and yellow shades you will be able to attract money and prosperity life.

Unfavorable time for active manipulation with the hands is considered 2-8, 23-30 number. During this period, astrologers recommend not to cut your nails, and keep track of your thoughts and words. Everything you say might be, so avoid negative statements and do not create conflict situations, which can hurt your reputation.

Neutral days of the month be careful trimming nails and observe moderation in the use of lacquer. Note the cuticle — care for this delicate part of the fingers will help you restore the strength of your nails. Also, use of therapeutic coatings that will prevent stratification of nails, and do not neglect proper diet with plenty vitamin supplements. In winter, the nails weaken, and by the spring they need additional protection.

Manicures in April 2018

In April you will be able to treat yourself to a bright and lush manicure that will help you to get rid of the bad feeling and reignite optimism. The best days for your experiments with color and shape of the nails will be 16, 21, 23. This time, when the Moon gives the maximum positive energy that can be directed in any direction. So, ladies on this day will be able to strengthen its power and thus withstand the onslaught of negativity.

In April there will be days full of contradictory energy of the moon — 8-15, 30. It needs to be in the company of loved ones, are able to support you in difficult times and to give advice. Manipulations with the nails in this period are undesirable and even dangerous: you risk to damage the delicate nail plate and cause delamination of nails.

Neutral days of the month, pay attention to the proper care of hands, use of essential oil. They make up for lack of moisture, and your skin will look glowing with health. Also during this period, the classic French manicure will help you to keep a positive relationship with the boss.

Favorable days for a manicure in may

In may refer to the services of a professional manicure and pedicure 22-29, 16-21 numbers. The most favorable days of the month will be ideal for new acquaintances and responsible decisions, and your way finished a beautiful nail design, will be beneficial to you to distinguish.

Week from 1 to 7 may be negative for the manipulation of the nails. Circumcision of the nail plate may cause you a storm of negative emotions, and can lead to melancholy or even depression. Spend the beginning of the month in a positive mood, starting your day with positive attitudes and avoiding aggressive people.

Neutral days, which may be rich, avoid drastic changes length and shape of nails, not to cut off own material well-being.

A good manicure is in June 2018

From 13 to 17and from 20 to 27 June the Moon will generously endow the space of positive energy. Use this time to change image, new haircut and hair coloring, and don’t forget about going to the proven master of manicure. New nail color and the rounded shape of the nail plate will help you to make important decisions and to be on top in business life.

Negative days will be June 28, 29, 30 number. It’s time to fight for their own well-being, quell the raging feelings and also to start training. Do not use these June days are for manipulation of the nails, otherwise you risk to make enemies among the inner circle.

In the neutral days, avoiding frequent sawing nails. Changing the shape of the nail plate is also undesirable. You can damage the entire structure of the nail, and your claws will often break down, making it impossible to continue the procedures without increasing acrylic or other means.

July manicure

Mid-summer suitable for bright colors not only in clothing but also in the manicure. Use the favorable days of the month in order to give your finish the look. Perfect day for any manipulations and professional care will be 13-16, 18-27 numbers. These days you can engage in any actions aimed at achieving happiness, happy flowers, according to astrologers, will be all shades from pale green to deep blue.

In the days when the energy of the moon will be controversial, try to avoid any negativity and let the nails of the hands and feet to relax. Rinse with lacquer and do some toning baths using sea salt and mineral supplements. Fortunately, in July it will be only 28 to 31 numbers.

In the remaining days of the month also not recommended active manipulation, but integrated care of the body in the salon will be appropriate.

A good day for manicure in August 2018

For those who want change, August will be a favorable month. 11, 12, 18-25 August, you will be free to dispose your time as you like. Visit manicure courses to create a unique design, contact a professional to correct the nail plate or build-up. Positive emotions and cheerfulness will help you to be active, achieving new heights.

In adverse days of August, which fall to 4-10 numbers, astrologers recommend to take a break, and it is better to go on vacation. Do not make rash actions and certainly refrain from tampering with nails, not to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In neutral, you can afford a manicure and pedicure, but be careful and avoid salons with questionable reputation or negative reviews. There you can get an infection or to perform work of poor quality, causing you a storm of negative emotions.

Lunar calendar nail Polish for September

In the first month of autumn to avoid the classic Blues and apathy you will change style in General. Use 17-24 number for complete transformation, and you will not have time to indulge your bad mood. Besides these days with the help of lunar energy you will be able to strengthen the aura. To resist the blows of fate will help you, bright, but not acidic shades of varnish. These days you will be able to realize the most daring ideas, to give your nails an unusual or usual form, to disguise and change clothes to casual chic outfits.

The days in which the nails should be left in peace, — 3-8, 25-27 September. During these periods, a new manicure or clipping nails can cause problems in the conduct of business, disruption of procurement and loss of clientele. Use this time for rituals aimed at achieving material prosperity.

Neutral days of the month as it is not necessary to carry out active manipulation of the colouring and extensions. Limit care procedures, as well as drink a course of vitamins, to in the autumn, your nails do not suffer from lack of nutrients.

Manicures in October 2018

In October the Moon will have a positive impact on the beauty of women with 9 to 23 the number. This time you will be able to take care of your health, strengthen the immune system, as well as time for hardware manicure, create a new style in painting nails or make any manipulation of the nail plates. With the new manicure you will protect yourself from unpleasant incidents that attract prosperity.

From 24 to 31 October , avoid nail clippers and the new staining. These days is fraught with financial difficulties, and inappropriate manipulation, you can fail in money matters.

In neutral, you can take the advantage of the masters, but avoid flashy colors nail Polish. Well-chosen pastel shades will give you strength for the active career advancement.

A good day for manicure in November

Almost all of November is good for care of nails, create new images, and any manipulation of appearance. From 7 to November 22, you can afford to relax and enjoy the labors of the work done. Astrologers recommend to celebrate life’s victories with comprehensive care in the Spa, indulging in anything.

In the negative days of the month — from 1 to 3 and 21 to 25 number — you have to struggle with temptations. To avoid impulsive escapades, you can use the exercises aimed at achieving inner harmony. Avoid any manipulation of the nail to trouble you walked side.

In neutral, you can cover the nails with a protective layer of varnish and carefully trim the tips.

December manicure

In anticipation of the New year you can afford a striking design with relevant colors. Cute snowmen, Christmas trees and other figures, which you can recreate on nails with the help of proven masters will allow you to recharge your optimism and carry out all the business before the New year. Favorable days for that are the numbers from 7 to 21 December.

Negative days — from 22 to 26 December — postpone all serious cases, as well as the trip to the master of nail service. Thus you will avoid mistakes on the job and will protect their emotional and physical health.

Neutral days, which is not too much, perfect for skin care, hands, mineral baths for nails and neat manicure with a subtle varnish.

Don’t forget that a full women’s happiness lies not only in the beautiful and manicured hands. Create unique images to attract attention, bathe in the compliments, give a smile in reply the casual passer-by.