Lunar calendar of dreams: when dreams come true

The moon affects not only the physical but also the emotional state of people. During certain lunar cycles it is possible to see prophetic dreams, which will be the key to the answer to your secret question, and will be able to warn you about the troubles.

Dreaming from ancient times has occupied the minds of people. They believed that dreams are not only a reflection of real events that happened to them, but fraught with sacred knowledge. With the help of moon calendar you will be able to determine which days your dreams gain power.

The dreams of the waning moon

While descending the lunar disk, people have dreams that tell what in our lives will become unnecessary and redundant. If you get bad dreams, then you can consider it as a good sign. This means that the entire negative experience you will go without leaving a trace. However, the good and pleasant dreams also will come true. No wonder the dreams during the phase of the waning moon is called cleansing, because they show us all our fears, as if to say that the troubles and resentment remain in the past, opening the door of the present.

Dreams, on the growing moon

The moon rise provokes a rise of vitality and energy, and so your dreams are telling you about the imminent changes in life. Dreams during this period are most likely to be prophetic. They are focused on what lies ahead for the man, help him to understand the important information and often tell what lies ahead, what step should be taken and what to reject. These dreams are also called filling. Should not every little thing prividevshayasya you to accept the truth, because in every dream is rational, and that it will be meaningful.

Dreams in the full Moon

During the full moon dreams have special emotional, become vivid and believable. They need to look, because the full Moon highlights all the moments in which people show unnecessary emotions. Remember all that you dream, remember how you reacted in the dream to certain events. In them lies the clue that you can use in extraordinary situations, to calmly accept the unexpected news and without unnecessary emotions to deal with serious issues and problems.

Dreams of the Moon

During the upgrade, lunar energy dreams are able to expose our thoughts, to remind us of something long-forgotten, but necessary in the near future. Also dreams on the new Moon is able to suggest a way out of problematic situations. No wonder the new Moon is called a time of rebirth and renewal, during this period, you will be able to see the dream that you should do to prosperity and happiness in the future.

Dreams of the lunar day: at what time should pay attention to your dream
1 lunar day: at this time dreams come true you are talking about close people.
2 lunar day: this day dreams come true most often.
3 day of the moon: dreams is not come true. Can not be afraid, if you had had a nightmare.
4 lunar day: at this time if dreams come true, not soon. They do not carry a negative connotation.
5 lunar day: the time of doubt. Dreams are not priznannoy nothing wrong and most often remain just dreams.
6 lunar day: these days dreams come true. Keep secret what he saw, so as not to frighten luck.
7 lunar day: auspicious dreams seen by this time, come true.
8 lunar day: a dream you trouble, come true. Remember that you had to avoid obstacles party. Positive dreams to success.

9 lunar day: this day your dream will come true.
10 lunar day: this day is prophetic. Dreams prividevshayasya you will come true. Beware.
11 lunar day: it is now considered the most successful for prophetic dreams. Most straightforward interpretation of what he saw.
12 lunar day: dreams on this day is to remember to use the information for their own benefit.
13 lunar day: at this time true short and clear dreams.
14 lunar day: this day come true only vivid and clear dreams.
15 lunar day: dreams come true, they are called prophetic, and keep what he saw secret.
16 lunar day: you saw a vivid dream would come true if he is vague and confused, no.
17 lunar day: this night the dream will come true.
18 lunar day: a dream come true. If you had something negative, be attentive to every detail in real life.
19 lunar day: dreams can come true, but not in the near future. If you had something meaningful, write down what he saw.
20 lunar day: dream on this day, the nightmare heralds the resolution of a problem situation.
21 lunar day: dreams to this day do not bear any meaning.
22 lunar day: dreams come true very quickly. As a rule, it is bright and clear vision.
23 lunar day: doubtful dreams, seen these days, won’t come true.
24 lunar day: at this time, come true only to positive dreams.
25 lunar day: what they saw at this time a clear and specific dreams will come true soon.
26 lunar day: it is called prophetic, because dreams do come true.
27 lunar day: dreams can come true, but not all and not always.
28 lunar day: remember the dreams that you dreamed just before waking. They will come true.
29 lunar day: at this time dreams come true you are talking about.
30 lunar day: true positive dreams.

Dreams by day of the month

1. At this time true good and positive dreams.

2. In the second of the month in dreams often mean nothing.

3. Dreams tend to come true in a short time.

4. At this time you have seen a dream come true, but after a long period of time.

5. Fifth the number of true positive dreams.

6. Dreams come true in the relatively distant future.

7. Remember my good dreams in this day. They will come true, but none of them do not tell.

8. At this time, the dreams will tell you how to fulfill the cherished desire.

9. Dreams at this time, the promise of success in any endeavor.

10. These numbers dreams often warn of upcoming changes for the worse.

11. Seen you in a dream may come true in exactly 11 days.

12. Dreams will come true fairly quickly and does not bear any risk for you.

13. On this day, the dreams warn of impending trouble you can prevent.

14. Bad dreams come true rarely.

15. Auspicious dreams seen by you, will come true in the near future.

16. At this time, the dreams almost never come true

17. Dreams about your success is true, often come true within one month.

18. The dreams seen by you at this time, lead to material enrichment.

19. Dreams on this day lead to trouble in family relations.

20. In the day dreams that will come true.

21. Joyful events you see will come true quickly.

22. At this time the dreams warn of imminent trouble, often in business.

23. On this day all you dreamed can come true at any moment.

24. You dream will be fulfilled most favorable for you way.

25. Dreams in this day portend deception and lies.

26. At this time, the dreams rarely carry a meaning.

27. At this time, the dreams don’t come true.

28. You dreamed will come true in a month.

29. Dreams at this time are not fulfilled.

30. Dreams at this time rarely come true and pose no threat.

31. Dreams in this day portend success on the love front. Come true quickly.

Dreams by day of the week

Monday. At this time dreams to remember people born on Monday. Night your fantasies will come true.

Tuesday. At this time dreams come true very soon, even if lunar calendar tells you otherwise.

Environment. On Wednesdays you can have prophetic dreams. Remember them, if you can’t treat yourself, use the dream interpreter.

Thursday. In this day of the week the dream will tell you about some work stuff. Look closely and you will remember it — it will help you to avoid difficulties with the authorities.

Friday. Fridays have prophetic dreams that are worth taking into consideration.

Saturday. On this day, having serious dreams that will help you to find answers to complex questions.

Sunday. The dreams you dreamed will come to pass until dinner, if you don’t. If you had a bad dream, share it, to avoid trouble.

To take seriously their dreams or not — business of everyone. Remember that the brain and during our sleep continues to analyze everything that happened and often articulates thoughts that will help us in the future. Also in dreams you can communicate with your guardian angel. We wish you good luck and only positive dreams.