Lunar calendar hair coloring on October 2017

Lovely ladies to maintain a good mood and fighting spirit, sometimes things just need to change the image. To choose an auspicious time to change the color of your hair will help you a lunar calendar of staining for October.

In the autumn because of the frequent mood swings associated with the change in weather, women especially it is important to maintain energy. Hair care this time of year is important not only to maintain the image, but also to attract prosperity and attention of the opposite sex, as well as to increase confidence in their own abilities. Since ancient times, our ancestors have paid a hair much attention, knowing what secret power they hid.

Favourable and unfavourable days for hair coloring

October 1-2: in the beginning of the month the Moon will be in the growth phase. Her stay in the constellation of Aquarius will give the space positive energy. Ladies these days should turn to a stylist to make coloring hair with natural ingredients. So you will be able to bring to life money power and to improve their financial situation.

3-4 October: Tuesday and Wednesday the Moon will be in the constellation Pisces, which will have a negative impact on hair and scalp. After staining may appear dandruff, and hair follicles will weaken, which threatens the loss of hair. To avoid the negative consequences experts of the site dailyhoro.ru recommend using toning masks and balms on natural ingredients.

5-6 October: the full Moon on Thursday will be in the zodiac Aries, then the Moon begins to wane. These days are not intended for coloring and changing hair color. However, if you need to get rid of obsessive attention or to concentrate on crucial solution these days would be the best to use bright colors on a natural basis.

October 7-8: in the period when the Moon will pass into the constellation Taurus, a new hair color will be most welcome. Changing the image, you will gain confidence in their abilities, focus on your career and can easily perform all the tasks. Besides these days the energy of the moon will contribute to attracting the opposite sex, so feel free to go to a trusted stylist to choose the right hair color.

9-10 October: the constellation Gemini Monday and Tuesday will slightly affect the condition of the hair. These days can be colored by using natural dyes that will not spoil your locks and will not overdry the scalp. Light tones will suit the ladies who are employed in the field of working with people, and the dark strands suited to knowledge workers.

11-12 October: this period will hold the night star in the constellation of Cancer, which will ambiguously affect your life and work. To attract prosperity, astrologers recommend to dye your hair a color close to natural.

13-15 Oct: the three-day period the influence of the constellation of the Lion would be most appropriate in order to achieve your goals. You should pay attention to the Golden and brown shades. These colors will help you gain confidence to defend their opinions and to succeed among colleagues and superiors. Those who are looking for love, experts of the website dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to perform the weave, alternating light and dark shades of one color.

16-17 October: Monday and Tuesday positive effect on the hair will have an constellation Virgo. It is an ideal time for change of image, a fundamental change in hair color. If you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, then bright shades of blue, pink, red and other colors will help you to feel like a Queen. The result will please you for a long time, and the condition of the scalp and the hair follicles will suffer if you use professional help.

18-19 October: the zodiacal constellation of Libra in the organic Union with the Moon will have a positive impact on hair care, but against aggressive staining should be abandoned. Mid-week is more suitable for nursing procedures, which will bring you real pleasure, and your hair will gain the lost Shine and elasticity.

20-22 October: the constellation of Scorpio, which will be a waxing Moon in these days, would ambiguously affect the hair. At this time, the coloring fine hair, prone to splitting and hair loss, will make them stiffer and heavier hair. Owners of thick curls a change of hair color would be an inconvenience. Hair can start shining and to curl, making it impossible a good styling.

23-24 October: the zodiac Sagittarius on Monday and Thursday will have a negative impact on the condition of the hair. In this regard, staining is necessary to postpone for a more favorable time. These days you should pay attention to such manipulations as keratin straightening unruly curls, haircut haircut hot scissors. Also these days you can take advantage of lamination to give weak hair Shine and strength.

25-27 October: a positive impact during the three days will provide the constellation of Capricorn. This period is designed for bold decisions and vivid images. Unusual hair color will help you to solve not be informed of the task, and the people of creative professions will bring back inspiration and give the opportunity to create.

28-29 October: these days the Moon will be in Aquarius. The growth period of the moon endows the space with positive energy so you can feel free to go to your meeting with a stylist. These days, you can continue experimenting with hair color, dye it in new ways.

October 30-31: because of the negative impact of Fish the last two days of October not suitable for dyeing aggressive colors. At this time, you can use henna or Basma, if your hair color has faded and needs to be updated. But astrologers recommend these days to devote to hair care, not to hurt the weakened tresses.

So your image is always in harmony with the mood and character, choose hair color according to your Zodiac Sign. So you can add confidence and ease to overcome the arising difficulties in life.