Lunar calendar hair coloring for November 2017

The lunar calendar contains useful recommendations that will help you choose the best date for dyeing. With his help everyone will be able to create a unique image and bring good luck.

Hair have a natural magnetism and are considered an indicator of human’s energy. From ancient times to the hair to be treated carefully, knowing the power they possess. In the modern world, elegant curls are not only a source of pride, but also reflect the condition. To have your hair cut admired of others and attracted to you good luck, the recommendations collected for you by the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru.

Favourable and unfavourable days for hair coloring

November 1-3: the first three days of the waxing Moon will be in impulsive Aries. These days will be filled with powerful energy, which should be directed to a peaceful course. In order not to experience negativity, astrologers refuse to recommend a radical change of hair color. These days, use a toning shampoo to give your curls shiny and well-groomed appearance.

4-5 November: full Moon on 4 November and the first day of the waning moon will be held under the auspices of the Calf. This time is favorable for dyeing the regrown hair roots, getting rid of gray hair. Days full of positive energy, have to communicate and be active, and the light shades will help you capture the attention of business partners.

6-7 November: Under the influence of the waning moon and the constellation Gemini, feel free to plan a trip to the beauty salon to change hair color. Pay attention to the shades that cause you pleasant memories. If you want to return the success of the past, you can paint the curls in the same color that you had in the moment of triumph. Also during this period, you can experiment with tresses by choosing one of the trendy colorings in the style of Shatush, the ombres or Balaj.

8-9 November: the Cancer constellation is conducive to painting — these days, it will help you to attract the attention of the right people. To do this is with a master to determine the appropriate light range. Unusual coloring, highlighting, or other methods of hair coloring will be the perfect finish.

10-11 November: the constellation Leo, in Alliance with the waning phase of the moon will fill these days with energy, which will help to achieve success and defend their own point of view. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru suggest to be painted in shades close to your natural color. During this period, better to turn to experienced master. Do not samoobrazovaniem to exclude the wrong shade and not to spoil the hair. Staining will help you to gather strength and to repel people who wish to use your kindness for selfish purposes.

12-13 November: a two-day period will be under the influence of the zodiacal Virgo. These days, you should devote to hair care using homemade masks or salon treatments. Staining a new color can fail, and you will quickly be disappointed in the result. Besides aggressive components of the paint can harm your tresses. Preference is given to shampoos and conditioners on a natural basis for active feeding hair follicles.

14-15 November: under the influence of the waning moon and the constellations of Weights you can safely go to the salon to change the color of the hair. Also these days you can refresh the color by using a toning balm. A new way to help cope with life’s difficulties and successfully complete all scheduled cases. Dark shades will help you focus on important matters, to conduct business negotiations or meetings.

16-18 November: this three-day period will be held in the power of the waning moon and will end with a new Moon. So as not to frighten luck, and not to screw up loose hair under the influence of Scorpio, refrain from staining. At this time, it is important to maintain the locks of hair masks and balms that contain natural ingredients, but if you need to refresh the color, use natural dyes.

19-20 November: the influence of Sagittarius has a negative impact on the hair, so astrologers recommend to refrain from staining. During this period, you should use the services of a professional to conduct a procedure that prevents breakage and hair loss weakened hair. Haircut hot scissors, laminating and other beauty treatments will return your locks for a chic look.

21-23 November: the positive influence of the constellation of Capricorn during the period from November 21 to 23, gives you the opportunity to experiment with appearance. To show individuality, feel free to start new projects will help you a new image. Staining in these days will strengthen the hair, making them obedient. Natural dyes will restore hair structure.

November 24-25: hair coloring during this period will help lovely ladies to deal with shyness. The positive influence of the constellation of Aquarius is not conducive to the active growth of the hair so the new color will be long to please you. Light colors or highlights will be profitable to reflect your natural beauty. Ladies with dark hair you can use the coloring to enhance the color depth and cause the hair to exude health and beauty.

26-28 November: the negative impact of the constellation of the Fish may cause problems with the scalp. After staining, it may cause dandruff, feeling of tightness of the skin. Besides the hair after the aggressive effects of pigments can weaken, leading to split ends. These days give your locks to relax and take advantage of the popular recipes to maintain the beauty of hair. Change of diet also has a positive impact on their condition.

29-30 November: under the influence of the zodiacal Aries, and the waxing moon hair may experience stress. If you are planning a painting, use only natural dyes, and after all procedures, use comprehensive professional care. So you can keep shining curls. The last days of autumn, it is important to spend in a good mood, so start your day with positive attitudes.

To preserve the beauty and youth, you can not only with the help of treatments, but also through active physical activity. Use of hormonal Tibetan exercises, which will bring the body in tone and to forget about many diseases.