Lunar calendar grower for September 2017

Lunar calendar grower for September 2017 will help you to grow a beautiful garden at home, and also take care of the plants on the street flower beds. Use the suggested guidelines to use the positive energy of stars and planets.

Flowers in the house are a must-have. They don’t just serve as a decoration, but also purify the air. Also with the help of various plants, you can attract a flow of positive energy, happiness, love and prosperity. The flower beds on the street will cause you positive emotions, but the correct planting and care will increase their blooms and endurance before seasonal diseases.

Favorable and unfavorable days for floriculture

1-2 September: night star in Capricorn in the growth phase is a very good time to care for your plantings. Perennial flowers planted at the house also require your careful attention. Ceased to bloom seedling needs in preparation for the cold season, pruning of the inflorescences and removal of tall stems. Before planting new flowers will fertilize the ground, to next season to abundant flowering.

3-4 September: the constellation of Aquarius will not give a proper energy supply to your seedlings, so astrologers recommend to refrain from active work in the garden. Sunday and Monday you can start collecting seeds and bulbs for storage or further planting. Home flowers and pour proryhlit earth in the pots so that their roots get sufficient oxygen.

5-7 September: zodiac Pisces and the peak growth of the moon on 5 September — a great time for new plantings and vysielanie seed. Planted on this day new flowers are well acclimatized and have strong stems. In the period of the full moon stick to a slight loosening of the soil, and 7 September will focus on winding plants. Remove excess branches and shoots and form a support for antennae.

8-9 September: energy of the waning moon, backed by the influence of Aries, according to experts of the website dailyhoro.ru adverse and detrimental to the growth of the flowers, especially the newly planted. These days are designed for the manipulation of the soil: loosening, weeding and digging garden beds. In the home garden enough to be spraying the flowers with warm water to avoid contamination on the leaves.

10-11 September: fertile Taurus this period gives the space a positive energy. Use this time to replanting, pruning of damaged stems, soaking seeds. With the help of planting money tree September 11, you will be able to attract to your house the monetary energy, and if such a plant you have, hang onto one of its twigs money amulet.

12-13 September: Neutral power of the moon, which moves into the constellation Gemini, allows you to start work in the garden and home. From 12 to 13 September will be successful transplanting potted plants, acquire new plants to your collection. Pay attention to the whimsical roses. During the change of weather they can get sick. Timely spraying and mineral supplements will be a good supportive therapy.

14-15 September: fertile zodiac Cancer and the power of the moon in this period you do care for low-growing plants. The newly planted flowers will have strong stems and a strong root system. Planted seeds and seedlings will have slow germination, but the lush foliage and fast set buds for flowering. This time is designed for gentle care due to the reduction of energy flows in space.

September 16-17: barren Leo at the weekend promotes relaxation. During this period, plants need rest and moderate watering. Astrologers recommend not to carry out manipulations with changes and pruning of plants so as not to damage them and not to put on open cuts germs.

September 18-20: marginal Virgo from 18 to 19 September a positive effect on flowering plants. However, new flowers planted or acquired, will have small buds. Before the new Moon on 20 September, you can start preparing the soil for new seedlings planning landing bulbs in outdoor beds. The new Moon can be enjoyed soaking seeds.

September 21-22: favorable energy imparted by the constellation of Libra, will be optimal for the collection and procurement of seeds, planting rose bushes, forget-me-nots and care for your winter garden. Thursday and Friday start harvesting flowers of medicinal plants.

23-24 September: under the influence of Scorpio gardeners can engage in outdoor flowerbeds. Planted flowers for the next season will have a good resistance to disease, develop a strong root system and give a fine crop of seeds.

25-27 September: the zodiac Sagittarius and the energy of the moon in the growth phase these days give the opportunity to take care of the flowers, preparing to dissolve buds. It is necessary to provide sufficient watering, timely fertilization and protect the delicate buds from a floral aphid and flies through spraying.

28-29 September: Capricorn, one of the fertile signs of the zodiac circle, facilitates the procurement of seeds which will be perfectly preserved and to have good characteristics of germination. Also these days astrologers advise you to pay attention to the figs. Before the winter period they are required to limit watering and to wipe the leaves of dust, to ensure a constant supply of oxygen.

30 September: 30 September energy of the waxing moon are not to be missed for the active development of plants and flowers. Barren sign of Aquarius will also be unsuccessful for planting. On Saturday, gardeners can limit the loosening of the soil and the procurement of mineral fertilizers for fertilizing flowering in the cold period of the plants.

Gardeners are much easier to maintain a positive attitude, and transmitted to their colors. Besides these buds will add you to the joy of what you own hands have been able to grow unusual beauty at home or on the street.