Lunar calendar gardener and farmer for the year 2018

Lunar calendar helps you to know when best to plant, to water, to loosen, to dive plants. If you do all this in accordance with the mood of the moon, it is possible to achieve good results.

It is important to monitor the status of the moon, because in different phases of plants grow differently and require different care. On the growing moon, for example, grows best above-ground part. On the waning moon the plants are resting and require feeding, watering.

January 2018

In January, we will start to sow seedlings. The best days for this would be 10 and the number 11, as the Moon will decrease. Its stay in Scorpio means that you can do the seedlings for different crops. Have a great grow will be lower, underground part of the plant, such as landing quickly rise.

Watering of house plants and flowers of any type you can do 1 and 2 January, while the Moon will rise and the full Moon. 20 and 21, while rule the world is the Moon in Pisces, try paraglide the land, but very carefully, as the underground part of the plant will be very weak and vulnerable. Watering the plants should be from 3 to 9 January, from the 12th-16th.

Do not disturb planting and home-made culture from 22 to 24 January and 27, 28 and 31. These days, the plants will be very vulnerable, so that even water them should not be too hard.

The most suitable for planting plants flowers. In January to focus on them. It can be both annual and perennial flowers. All the main landing made next month, but you can try to make seedlings for some species.

February 2018

February is the month of planting and the start of work, blanks. It is time for planting tomatoes, peppers, celery, leeks, onions, eggplant and many other crops. The sowing annual and perennial flowers started in the last month.

From 6 to 8 February, the Moon will go down in the Sign of Scorpio, which is great impact on growth of underground parts of plants. Put these days bell pepper, because he needs as early as possible to gain strength, so you can plant it in open ground strong and ready for rapid growth.

On February 25 and 26, the Moon will rise in the Sign of Cancer, so the days will be very positive. For landing, but without the active and generous watering. Onions, leeks and eggplants can be safely planted in these days. If you get a chance, try to provide a place where they will grow the culture with additional lighting. This will be true for all cultures that have already sprouted. Such seedlings should be kept in the sun for as long as possible, and in the evening for a few hours to turn on a fluorescent lamp.

From 20 to 26 February, we can safely plant flowers, irrigating, hoeing. The moon will rise, therefore you can also will be engaged in cutting flowers.
12 and 13 February, the waning Moon will be in Capricorn, so try it these days paraglide the land and do the planting of flowers.

March 2018

March is one of the busiest months in terms of planting and processing plants. 1 and 2 March, while the Moon will remain in Virgo, you will need to try to plant eggplants and leeks. You can also try to make seedlings for tomatoes. March 2 — full Moon, so it is better in any case not to loosen the ground for the already planted plants and flowers. The 1st day will be the last day of the rising moon, so pour abundantly what is already growing.

March 6 — good day for planting flowers, as well as to simply give the plants rest. Scorpio and the waxing Moon is a splendid combination for feeding and dive.

For the landing also will be good for four days in the second half of March from 20 to 23 can be planted greens, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, beets, radishes. If you live in a warm climate, you can start at the end of March the preparations for the planting of potatoes — we need to get seed potatoes from the cellars to begin to germinate.

From 25 to 31 March waxing Moon is favorable for feeding, because the plants will grow in a strong pace. The number 31 will be a full Moon, so will need to give the plants a rest.

April 2018

In April, the most important part — planting plants in the open ground. Of course, not all parts of the country or of the globe in April will be good weather for this, but the energy of the moon will require it.

The first auspicious days 5 and 7 number. April 5, the Moon will go down in the Sign of Sagittarius, so you can plant the plants safely and to spare nutrients for the soil. April 7, the Moon will be in Capricorn, strong and creative, so try to plant as many plants. If your lane is to plant early, be sure to proryhlit the soil and prepare it properly for future planting. In General, the entire period of the waning moon in early April, you can use it for this if you plant too early.

For planting potatoes it is better to use too the waning moon, namely on 12 and 13 April, when she will be in the Fish. If the time has not come yet, but it won’t be long, then remove the potatoes from the cellar to let the shoots.

On the growing moon during the second half of the month will grow the aboveground parts of the plants, so try to give more light and warmth to your crops. This is especially true of those crops that you are already lucky enough to be planted in the ground. The most positive for this period, April 17-21, 24-26 April 28-30 and numbers.

May 2018

In may, as soon as the ground will be warm and ready to accept “gifts”, you will need to strengthen feeding of plant nutrients. It will also be possible thus preparing the soil for new plantings. To cultivate the soil for the potato should be 2, 4, 6, 9, or 10 may. In these days and you can plant potatoes. If the land is not yet ready and the weather is not suitable, then move it on may 30 or 31, when the Moon is waning again.

The most positive days on the growing moon — 16, 17 my in Twins and 18 and may 19 in Cancer. These days the aerial part of the plants will be ready for the first treatment. Not too lazy to treat their aerial part, paraglide the land, remove weeds and trim plants if necessary. If at this point your tomatoes or eggplant has had time to grow enough, you can link them.

From 6 to 19 and from 24 to 29 may, you can work with seedlings. For example, it is possible to plant raspberries, strawberries, currants, gooseberries, strawberries. Excellent will be the last of landing which need to be made.

June 2018

June 1 — good day for planting seedlings and sowing seeds. Can safely be planted turnips, lettuce, parsley, dill. It is best to settle down, unpretentious “service”. Waning Moon in Capricorn — a time perfect for the growth of the underground parts of the plant.

On June 7 the Moon will go down in Fish. In principle, you are still not late if you plant tomatoes in the middle lane. Try to nourish the soil moisture and nutrients more abundantly, but without any damage to the plants. Most cultures have a good transfer processing from pests. You can still remove weeds, paraglide the land, if there is no rain and the land will be dry. Don’t forget that late landing require fertilizer.

On the growing moon in Cancer on June 14 and 15, we will start weeding and hilling potatoes. 19 and 20, when the Moon will rise in the Sign of Virgo, you can do pinching and dive. You can transplant plants that have strong root system. You can also plant perennial flowers, type roses.

23, 24, 26 and 27 June the Moon will rise in Scorpio, then in Sagittarius. These days are ideal for harvest because many plants are planted in the spring. The harvest is juicy and delicious. Many berries are ready to pick.

July 2018

In the middle lane usually in July blooms and lives an active life of almost any plant, any culture. Need as much time to devote to the protection of plants from pests, time to water and care for crops.

Special attention should be paid to watering and caring for annual flowers. July 3 and 4 for this fit is the best way, because the Moon will go down in Fish. July 10, can be safely transplanted plants until the Moon will wane, but in the Sign of Gemini.

The harvest must be carried out in the period from 16 to 27 July. These are the best days of the growth of the moon. The 27th will be a full Moon, so do not transplanting, tillage and tillage — has a chance to damage the plant that will be a very bad time, because the full moon is the very bad wounds heal.

Lawn care services on 30 and 31 July will be very useful. In these two days of the waning moon in Pisces can be devoted to the feeding, pinching. Use these two days to the maximum. Water the plants abundantly better, mixing nutrients into the water. The water should be warm. In these two days, you can plant perennial type.

August 2018

In August the nights are getting colder, so it’s best to securely close the aboveground part of the plant to keep warm. The temperature difference and permanent difference will harm the fruit.

To accelerate the ripening of tomatoes and peppers, 1 August will need to work the soil as best as possible. These cultures in the beginning of August will be very vulnerable. Remove weeds and pests. In the first day of August to collect the greens to start to do preparations for the winter. You can also start cooking rested the soil for the new planting for the winter.

August 5 will be a very positive day of the waning moon in Taurus for hilling potatoes and kill pests on it. This is a good time for new plantings of strawberries. You can remove the extra plants is to trim the mustache, the branches of the trees and so on.

8 and 9 August the Moon will be in Cancer. Astrologers advise you to do the cuttings, harvesting of onion and watering of plants that have not yet matured fully. The lower part of the plants will grow very fast, and the top will rest, so that we can add nutrients for the growth and health of crops. Do not let the apples and pears to fall to the ground — ready to pluck the fruits yourself.

From 12 to 23 August almost every day is suitable for harvest or for winter preparations. August 28, the Moon will wane and will be influenced by Fish. The universe to be favorable to the harvest, particularly potatoes. Assembled on this day, the potatoes will lie for a long time.

September 2018

September is not the end of the summer season, but it recalls its early approach. This is a very important period for harvest and preparing the garden for the winter, to restore order.

September 1, on the decreasing moon in Taurus you will need to care for those plants that have not finished their life cycle. Also it will be useful to cut dry branches of the trees, because at other times it will be painful for them. Still will be a great opportunity to dig potatoes, if you’re late. Assembled on this day the harvest will be very resistant to the action of time.

September 4, the Moon will continue to wane in Gemini, and 5 and 6 in Cancer. These three day is better for pruning flowers and perennial plants. If you plant something, you have to be very careful not to damage the shoots, tendrils. Be sure to carefully dig the earth, if it is after the harvest until next summer nothing will grow. Thus it is better not to break the soil, and leave it with large stones.

10 to 20 Sep will need as best as possible to remove from the earth the fallen fruits, leaves. If it is not to pay attention, especially at the end of the month, then next year your plants and trees can sick more often. These days will be perfectly fine for digging out unwanted plants and transplant perennials. Well settle down there will be new trees. Abundant watering is better to suspend or terminate completely.

On 23 and 24 September — the day of the rising moon in Pisces. These days, you can apply the fertilizer in the ground for seedlings or even growing crops, especially flowers. Ready fruit trees can be collected in any case. Pears and apples will lie for a very long time, if you collect them in two days.

27 and 28 September will be held under the auspices of the Bullock, so these will be positive days for weeding, transplanting, pinching and picking.

October 2018

On 2 and 3 October at the waning moon will be well to complete the removal of the last crop. Of course, if you do not live in the middle lane, and to the South, then you will have the chance to help the plants to soak up nutrients and to give their fruits. These two days you can devote to planting perennials.

From 10 to 16 October, will need to give the plants to rest, so it is not necessary to do weeding, transplanting. Let the culture live their last days, if your band is quite warm. If the cold is already established, try to close in from the cold the grapes, roses and other crops.

October 20, you can do the planting of shrubs. Because the garden has nothing special to do, you can take plants home. They need a new ground, update of environment. Make the transplant.

30 Oct astrologers suggest to conclude the winter training in the middle lane. All leaves must be removed, and the rotten fruit on the ground. Useful firewood.

November 2018

November is a transitional time. All the work has been completed, the case is over. This time the meeting of winter and end of summer season in the middle lane. In November shelter perennial plants and complete cleaning. Mainly engaged in domestic plants and cutting of trees.

Cropping is useful and the least painful for trees and shrubs, and perennial flowers, in the days of the waning moon: from 24th to 30th November and from 1 to 6 November.

On the moon rising from 8 to 21 November, it will be useful to do the planting and processing of household plants. If you live in a lane where you can grow any culture and in November, try to carry out the planting or transplanting of plants during this period.

December 2018

Few places in our country in December may be something to plant or grow. Anyway, but on December 4 will be a great time to transplant because the root system of any plant will be very strong. Plants or planted seedlings in the future will be very resistant to low temperatures, pests, and weeds. 5 December will also be a positive day, very similar to this, because the Moon will go into Scorpio.

The number 7 is the most negative day for any work in the garden and for any interference in the root system of plants.

From 8 to 14 December, all sown plants will rise is very difficult, but they will have a very strong root system. This is a great time for feeding, fertilization of the soil, abundant watering.

From 18 to 22 December, the astrologers advise to do blanks fruits grown in the future. In the lunar calendar these days also fit well for harvest time, for tidying the garden.

Anyway, but 2018 is suitable for any specific purposes, and regardless of what lane you live. Lunar planting calendar gardener will help you plan things in advance.

Good luck in 2018 — let this year will be the most fertile and the most suitable for you. Let things in the garden get you in the mood and not take it.