Lunar calendar gardener and farmer for October 2017

For gardeners will always be relevant to the question of the care of plants. To succeed in this interesting and difficult matter, astrologers suggest to use the recommendations of the lunar calendar.

Mid — autumn is time of gathering of the last harvest, prepare shrubs, trees and perennials for the winter, planting some vegetables. To your efforts were not in vain, and with the onset of the next season, the plots were ready for active work, use the recommendations of the lunar calendar in October. It reflects the major influence of lunar energy in plants, are favorable for activity days and times when you need to take a day off.

Favorable and unfavorable days for the care of the garden

1-2 October: in early October the Moon is in the growth phase. During her stay in the constellation of Aquarius is not the best time for planting and active work with the existing garden plantings. Marginal Sign is intended to work with soil preparation and digging the beds for the winter, insulation perennial flower beds, harvesting the last of the crop for storage or processing.

October 3-4: the Moon is in the constellation Pisces these days will actively share the positive energy that gardeners can use for planting, allowing the soil to recover, to supply the earth with beneficial trace elements. Possible planting of onions and garlic, however, when warm weather and lack of tendency to cold the crop can be lost. This time, you can devote actively pruning and cutting of trees and shrubs, fertilizing the soil.

5-6 October: the full Moon in the constellation of Aries and the beginning of the phase of the waning moon on Thursday and Friday should be spent relaxing. The sign of Aries does not involve work with plants. These days the people interested in agricultural work, can devote time to camping, to burn grass and woody debris, fertilized by the ash beds. You can do the cleaning the garden, repair equipment and outbuildings, to acquire new tools for working with soil and plants.

7-8 October: waning Moon moves into the constellation of Taurus. Favorable energy of this Union has a positive effect on the root system of plants. These days you can safely do the tilling and watering of the plantings, if necessary. Also thanks to the positive energy of the constellation during the weekend you can collect the seeds, their planting and preparation for storage. This includes late herbs and seasonings.

9-10 October: these days, the waning Moon will be in Gemini. Marginal Sign is not intended for planting, so gardeners should look into upgrading their sites. You can also look after houseplants, spray them from various pests and to prepare for the winter by reducing watering and removing flowers with illuminated sills.

October 11-12: the Moon in Cancer is a time of active work on the site. The positive energy of the fertile Sign has a positive effect on the plants, their growth and formation of root system. If weather conditions allow, these days can be devoted to vysielanie of the lawn, planting new shrubs and trees, onion and garlic on warmed beds.

13-15 Oct: the Moon is in the constellation of Leo is suitable for holiday plants and people. This is a good time to devote to the study of new material on agriculture. Develop talents and spend time with benefits. Astrologers recommend to wait and not to interfere with the natural growth of plants.

16-17 Oct: zodiac Virgo these days will slightly affect the plants, therefore, the period neutral to work in the garden. Use this time for tillage, preparation of seed for storage, preserving the previously harvested crop. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru also recommended to restore its own energy protection, which will help you cope with seasonal viral attacks.

18-19 October: the final stage of the waning moon and the new Moon in the constellation of Libra is appropriate for gathering the late harvest, cleaning of equipment, repair work in the home garden. Also these days can be successful trade the results of your work. Sold the harvest and the “twist” will bring you a good income.

20-22 October: fertile Scorpio and the beginning of the growth phase of the lunar disk misleading plants positive energy. The middle of the month will be good for outdoor works on the site, the end of the season farming. Astrologers recommend not to miss an opportunity and to do household flowers. Using the positive energy of celestial objects you can achieve success in growing unusual and rare specimens of flora.

October 23-24: the Moon is in the constellation Sagittarius suitable for operation on the plot, but Central to this time usually ends the season of active work and there comes a stage of preparation for the next planting year. Take time block, ventilation of the basement and the humidity. Mold and fungus will not allow you to save the crop for a long period, therefore, timely treatment of surfaces of walls, floor and ceiling will protect the fruits of your labors from rotting.

25-27 October: the constellation of Capricorn for three days will affect the growth of plants. This time is to dedicate the home garden, limiting work with the underground parts of plants. The root system during the growing moon especially susceptible to damage, so limit yourself to watering and spraying of broadleaf flowers.

28-29 Oct: zodiac Aquarius will adversely affect plants. It is best to devote rest and recuperation. In the garden, if weather conditions permit, you can paint the bottom of the tree trunks. So you will prevent “raids” pests, which in the cold period can eat the bark of fruit and berry plantings. Under shrubs, you can make mulch to prevent freezing of upper layers of the soil and damage the root system.

30-31 October: the last two days of October waxing Moon will be in Pisces. Dedicate this time to my pet garden, planting seeds or seedlings of annual flowers that will give you a good flowering in the cold season and breathe in your home a summery feel. Also in the last days of October don’t forget to check the storage of the harvest for the presence of rodents and pests.

The end of the season does not mean the termination of activities related to crop production. You can devote time to his home garden, buy new plants that will bring to your home the wealth and prosperity. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to choose those flowers that positively affect the energy space, and give of plants the vampire.