Lunar calendar coloring of September 2017

By changing the color of the curls you will change image and will be able to attract into your life the happiness and well-being. Use clues coloring calendar for September 2017 to have a new hair color have been a positive.

The condition of the hair depends on the health of the body. They help replenish energy and are an excellent means to attract the attention of the opposite sex. In addition, the knowledge to take on the hair will help everyone to avoid trouble. Astrologers recommend to use the phases of the moon to care for the curls that they were strong, and you have found inner harmony.

Favourable and unfavourable days for hair coloring

1-2 September: Begins the month of the waxing Moon in a positive Alliance with the constellation Capricorn. In these days of favorable energy allows ladies to experiment with hair color, relying on your own taste and the recommendations of the stylist. Bright colors with natural ingredients will help attract more money energy and will also attract interested views of the opposite sex.

3-4 September: the zodiacal constellation of Aquarius these days allows you to embark on experiments with hair coloring. Astrologers recommend a radical change of colors for those who desire change in life. Bright colors will help you to stay positive, but the dark hair will help to focus and successfully implement the planned business, meetings or negotiations. In order to add energy for activity, don’t neglect going to your stylist.

5-7 September: the rise of the moon in the constellation Pisces on 5 September can adversely affect the hair. In these days of aggressive energy weakens the hair structure, making them hard and naughty. The full Moon on 6 September should give up painting in favor of using toning masks. 7 September, the negative impact will continue, but the ladies with damaged hair you can use paint with natural ingredients to enhance hair growth and to save them from breakage.

8-9 September: waning Moon moves into Aries, and this means that hair coloring will lead you to success. Feel free to choose the color that will seem the most successful. Astrologers recommend these days to use rich shades of red, chestnut, reddish shades to be confident in their actions and to achieve leadership positions both in business and in personal life.

10-11 September: Taurus, the Sign of material well-being, in a harmonious Union with the waning Moon these days enhances communication skills. In order to attract the attention of the right people, use bright paint on a natural basis So you can quickly achieve success, and your curls under the influence of the dyes will have protection and resistance to adverse environment.

12-13 September: Moon in constellation Gemini is a neutral time for painting. Today is not expected negative impact and harm to hair. Planned a trip to the hairdresser can not be postponed. In order to cheer yourself up, you can take the help of relatives and friends to refresh your hair color or to paint the regrown roots. Also these days astrologers recommend to use dark shades in order to avoid the negative side of the detractors.

14-15 September: impulsive period filled with conflicting energy of the waning moon, in Alliance with the Cancer, not good for change of image. Staining in these days can cause internal and external conflicts to avoid which is unlikely to succeed due to frequent mood swings. Astrologers recommend to take a break and devote time to caring and restoring manipulations with hair.

September 16-17: the constellation of the Lion these days will positively influence the desire to change hair color. In Alliance with the waning Moon it gives the space energy, giving your hair thickness and strength. These days ambitious people will be easier to achieve new heights with the help of lightening strands all shades of yellow, Golden and light chestnut colors. To make the new hair color perfection will help stylish, contemporary styling.

18-20 September: the influence of the constellation Virgo and the energy of the waning moon filled the three days is positive. This period will be a good trip to the hairdresser, change hair colors and bold experimentation with coloring. Thus, the dark tips, lighter to the top of the head, will give your image of mystery and will not leave you without attention of the opposite sex. 20 September during the new Moon, refrain from staining chemical dyes not to harm the hair and not to remain without hair.

September 21-22: a positive attitude, due to these days the early rise of the moon and the constellation Libra, will have a positive effect on hair. Staining, streaking and highlighting the hair strands 21 to 22 September, will help to attract the energy of money profit. Astrologers recommend to draw on the natural colors that will maintain the stock of minerals in the hair and will not give side effect in the form of dandruff.

September 23-24: the ambiguous influence of the constellation of Scorpio can have a negative impact on your hair, if you decide to radically change your hair color. The hair will become unruly, will lose elasticity and luster, besides the ends of your hair under the influence of aggressive components of the paint may start to split. If you can’t give up coloring choose similar to your hair color of paint and use the services of a competent master.

25-27 September: under the influence of the zodiacal constellation of Sagittarius new hair color can cause you disappointment the next day. Astrologers recommend to deal with these days care hair, haircut hot scissors or a lamination of hair. In addition, the impact of the growing moon and a homemade mask will accelerate hair growth and give them strength.
28-29 September: the constellation of Capricorn these days will have a positive attitude, so a trip to the hair salon for you will be a good choice. The correct shade will set you up for success and good work of the stylist will complete your charming look. Good will and gray shading, which will last a long time.

30 September: September ends the influence of the zodiacal constellation of Aquarius. With the energy of the waxing moon it gives the space an ambiguous energy. Astrologers recommend serious approach to the selection of dyes and to give preference to natural henna or Basma. Staining of these components will help you to find a common language with the boss and claim a promotion.

Every day the Moon changes its energy. In this regard, the astrologers recommend will address to lunar calendar every day to build a competent strategy for success. But with the updated hair color you will need to bypass all the obstacles side.