Lunar calendar auspicious days of the week from 7 to 13 August 2017

Each lunar day has a certain energy, which will help you normalize personal life, to achieve prosperity and enrichment.

Living in harmony with lunar activity, one can achieve unprecedented heights in the business arena and in personal life. The ability to use the energy of the moon for their own benefit will give you a weekly lunar calendar.

Monday, August 7 — the day of temptation

By its nature, the full Moon, which will occur August 7, 2017, has a negative energy motivate a person to harmful and negative actions. Monday will not work to escape from the abundance of temptations, the awakening of vices and evil intentions. Luck will depend on the chosen path.

Can worsen chronic diseases and inner experiences. To the negative thoughts hit you from the right path, you should eliminate them by rolling. Can be complicated and partnerships. Energy is best directed in a useful direction. Excellence and integrity — the key to success in the 15th lunar day.

Tuesday, August 8 — harmonious day

After a difficult Monday will come harmonious Tuesday. Even the beginning of the week can be chaotic, but August 8 is on the wave of positivity, peace and happiness. The moon will be in the constellation Aquarius, which will increase internal confidence and mental abilities.

A good time to resolve complex issues in career and personal front. On Tuesday many people will be able to get rid of internal contradictions and fluctuations that will be on hand. Favorable day for work, can not exclude the support of influential persons.

During the waning moon will be felt some of the excess forces. To get rid of excessive activity, which can turn into uncontrolled emotions and actions, it is best to engage in creative work or physical exercise.

Wednesday, August 9 — day of joy

It’s the second auspicious day. Environment will give many people the positive energy of the moon. The moon will be in own Sign that most successfully will affect the members of the constellation of Pisces and the people whose ruler is the Moon.

It is a day of joy, happiness and freedom above circumstances. The spiritual side of life will come into harmony, the problems run the risk of evaporate or be solved by themselves. To any lock August 9, you can pick up the keys.

Perfect 17 lunar day for love and romantic manifestations. Marriage, a new step in the relationships and Dating promise to go well. On Wednesday you should not deny your desires. Follow your heart, become the cause of all positive developments.

Thursday, August 10 — bad day

The tenth of August, will be enhanced the ability of mental concentration due to the presence of the moon in the constellation Pisces. However, the day is associated with adverse issues and undermine self-confidence. Positive attitudes will help you to carry out this dangerous period productively.

At the decision of important cases will have to exercise restraint, patience and prudence. Rash actions are punishable: the damage will spread to the material and a love of life. Better to spend the time and energy to activity and the search for new sources of inspiration.

Friday, August 11 — critical day

On Friday the Moon will move into Aries. Aries is an impulsive Sign of the Zodiac, so appears the tendency to hasty decisions which can lead to negative consequences. Do not be around to indulge their desires. A sober approach to the situation — your key to success.

In communicating with colleagues and loved ones probable notes of aggression and irritability. August 11, there will come a time of hurt and neglect other people’s opinion. It is best to spend 18 day of the moon of moral growth, deliverance from addictions, jealousy, pride and lies.

Saturday, August 12 — day of karmic rewards

The moon stays in a constellation impulsive Sign, but the negative shroud subsides a bit. Day best associated with the strengthening of will power. Aries — sign of the moral will, the fighter, the ruler and the victorious. Spiritual practice will lift you above all circumstances.

From the big decisions should be abandoned. Desirable privacy and an elaborate sequence of actions. Being in crowded places will increase the domestic irritability. Much more effective to spend the day in peace of mind. Saturday will allow you to replenish vitality, strengthen your biofield and closer to the Olympus of success. The idea is a powerful weapon: when inside the order and outside.

Sunday, August 13 — day active holiday

Finding the moon relative to the constellations of the RAM remains unchanged, which will allow people to get used to disturbing emotions. Sunday is a good day to try something new. The resulting excitement and adrenalin will be intoxicating to act, charging a huge number of positive.

It is a day of travel, trips, the new emotions and physical activity. The waning phase of the moon will give you the energy for implementation of various plans. To combine on August 13 can be any variety of tasks. Positive energy will flow from the creativity and physical activity.

Moon energy is changeable and every day is unique. The moon spreads its activity on all life, charging in among the people. From the negative impact nowhere to hide, but he can fight back. Six rules of a happy life will help you with this. We wish you good mood, have a good week and more of joy. Take care of yourself