Lunar calendar auspicious days of the week from 18 to 24 September 2017

Change of the moon phases directly affect the human biofield, affecting physical and psychological condition. Properly allocate your time to achieve all goals in the shortest possible time will help you with detailed weekly lunar calendar.

Our inner state and mood depend on many random factors that closely interact with each other. To find inner harmony it is sometimes extremely difficult, even if external events do not carry destructive energy. Irritability, anxiety or apathy at external well-being can be indicators of a lack of vital energy.

Bioenergy call at least 5 bad habits mistakenly considered to be useful. They destroy our energy field and lead to decline of vitality. To replenish lost energy, you need to know about the energy of each lunar day and schedule important meetings and events using the lunar calendar.

Monday, September 18

On the first day of the week the Moon will undergo a phase of decrease, interacting with the constellation Virgo. This time can be extremely favorable for all operations related to real estate, major purchases and the conclusion of financial contracts.

18 Sep should avoid strenuous exercise: the energy of the waning moon can negatively affect your health. To maintain vitality at a high level on Monday will help the session of holotropic breathing or a long walk outside the city.

Tuesday, September 19

On the second day of the week the Moon will continue to decrease, still remaining in the constellation Virgo. Almost depleted of energy the lights will not contribute to success in risky transactions or new work projects. This day is better to think before you take on any material or legal responsibility: your expectations may not be justified.

Tuesday well suited to complete long projects and resolve family problems. The constellation Virgo will contribute to finding a rapid solution to virtually any domestic problems or family dispute. The evening of the second day of September of the week to spend with dear people.

Wednesday, 20 September

The new moon in Union with the constellation Virgo can make Sep 20, 2017 a very good time for all undertakings and projects. In these lunar day a great success will benefit financial transactions, contracts of sale, as well as any work or projects related to securities or Finance.

If you’ve been planning repairs or renovation in his house, on 20 September may be suitable for this could not be better. The active energy of Virgo combined with the energy of the new Moon will promote the successful decision of any household problems in a short time.

Thursday, September 21

Thursday waxing Moon leaves constellation Virgo and enters Libra. These lunar days can be extremely successful for all practices aimed at the attainment of inner harmony. Meditation, gentle exercise, entertainment creativity or just the time found to stay alone with yourself and your thoughts can transform you for a long time to restore your energy balance.

However, sharply increased the power of the moon can also be deduced by those who suffer from chronic fatigue and has long lived in a state of stress. To avoid the negative consequences will help effective meditation “Sunny day”. Done correctly, this practice can help you to restore and maintain a positive attitude in all circumstances.

Friday, September 22

On Friday the Moon will continue to be the growth phase, remaining in the constellation Libra. In General, these lunar days are neutral energy, with minimal impact on the energetic field of a human. This day can be successful any business trips, meetings and negotiations.

In relations with close people 22 September may have been a minor setback. Try not to bring the dispute to open conflict and do not allow yourself to break out of internal equilibrium state, if you do not want to get into a series of quarrels and misunderstandings. Friday night is best spent with your closest friends who share your Outlook on life.

Saturday, September 23

On Saturday the moon will continue to undergo a cycle of growth and will move into the constellation of Scorpio. This day will be remembered by you increased emotionality and sharp jumps in sentiment. The site dailyhoro.ru explain this feature by a combination of increasing energy of the moon in combination with the strong water energy of Scorpio.

To send the power of your emotions in the right direction can help your favorite hobby or work. For example, coloring mandalas, attracting love, can help you rebuild your personal life, and relaxing audiomedical to find and maintain a state of inner peace and serenity.

Sunday, September 24

On the last day of the upcoming autumn weeks of the waxing Moon will still be in the constellation of Scorpio. 24 Sep might be a good time to master a new sport, leisure trips or romantic dates. Energy of this lunar day may require you to take decisive action, but we should not forget about your emotional comfort.

On Sunday you will be able to attract luck and prosperity with the help of special rites, the strongest recommended practices and esoteric. Evening Sunday is the best day to dedicate to your loved ones or to spend it alone with myself and my thoughts.

Catch a wave of good luck and to attract into your life luck and prosperity in the week from 18 to 24 September 2017 will help the rites and rituals of the growing moon.