Lunar calendar auspicious days of the week from 11 to 17 September 2017

Each of us needs more information about what days might be favorable in one or another period of time. Lunar calendar will tell you what dates the chances of success are highest.

One of the most important rules of bioenergy is that as little as possible to dwell on problems. That is why the lunar calendar auspicious days will be much more effective than the threat or unfavorable calendar days. Astrologers report that in the week from 11 to 17 September will be favorable for five days. What they will become for you exactly, depends only on your desire and mood. Try to define its basic mission in advance.

September 11, Monday — day

If you don’t have anything to do, it does not mean that on Monday you need to do nothing. The creative energy of the waning moon in Union with the Calf suggests that it’s time to work hard. Give preference to labour-intensive business. This can be a challenging task, negotiation with people. Perhaps you expect the first step to your enemies — this option is also available today. Usually the highest respect in business and at work, finishing it in days like Monday, September 11. In love you have patience, without which you simply will not have chances of maintaining the balance in the future. Monday should be the day diplomacy, endurance. You can devote a little time planning, shopping, but not to be distracted from the main task. About selfishness it is better to forget.

12 September, Tuesday — day personal Affairs

Tuesday better to fully dedicate yourself. You can both relax if you have no work or you are not constrained by the business. 22 lunar day is the most positive this week. It is almost completely devoid of negative aspects for each person. However, not everyone will be able to shirk work and responsibilities. In this case, you can resort to the help of other people. Do not refuse the help on Tuesday. In the lunar calendar there are days like this one, called days of rest, but rest rest strife. It’s very individual, because what for one person is work for another is the best relaxation. Will become the Sign of Gemini, which will affect us positively. It does not require any energy input, but by itself provokes the moon on a high level of return. It will be a good day to do as you want.

13 September, Wednesday — transit point

The second day of interaction between the waning moon and the Twins will become for many people a time of changes, adaptation, awareness of their place in the world. 23 lunar day means that there comes the third quarter. Overall this is a very good period which has a small physical passivity. Exercise is better to postpone to another day. Fatigue can come in very quickly, but on the negative side over. If in the past you had some important changes, which you could not manage to get used to the environment this week maybe the miracle happens. Try not to look for excuses, and opportunities. To work extremely hard to succeed not for everyone, but if you have some skill and desire, you will be able to get closer to success.

September 14, Thursday — the day of love

Love is a pretty broad concept. The interaction of the waning moon and Cancer is an indication that the time has come to devote himself fully to love. Meaning — of spiritual love. This auspicious day is perfect for establishing family relations, to find second half and to meet new people. Quite a nice effect this may have and areas of business where new contacts come in handy. The first four days of this week will bring you lots of positive emotions and will give a lot of possibilities. Thursday the universe will require you to give the full program. Even if you have everything in order in the second half, if the family is smooth, but the work goes on and without new acquaintances, this does not mean that it is time to relax. Look for ways to improve the already excellent relations. This is a good time for confessions of love, planning weddings, for common cases.

15 September, Friday – day of rest

The second day the effects of Cancer on the moon will be gray and boring, so the best scenario would be a simple vacation. Stay this may not be physical, but emotional, because most people, after all, Friday works. Change the activity, bring something new in familiar things. Let this day be for you something like a tidy rebuild, a small shift of priorities. with all this, it is better to maintain the plans unchanged, so as not to attract failures and not to risk once again. Responsibilities are the most important things for you. Do not disappoint your colleagues, partners or superiors.

16 September, Saturday – day care

This Saturday it is better not to get involved in adventures and not let the excitement lead you. Leo is very strong and the Moon weak, so most people can feel cravings for the “forbidden fruit”. Follow the generally accepted rules in all spheres of life. Especially, cases financial. Love astrologers advise to avoid the selfishness, jealousy and envy. No one needs Saturday to feel your discontent, or bad temper because you risk staying alone. It will be very sad if all the fruitful and positive week will end with serious turmoil on the basis of your impulsiveness.

17 September, Sunday — day planning

Saturday will begin their negative impact on the Leo moon. By Sunday, he will lose almost all the reserve forces, therefore, will be very positive. Your task will be a quick solution to personal issues and responsibilities and the transition to planning for the new week. Astrologers say that this day will quickly come the fatigue, so I have more time to spend in the fresh air and surrounded by loved ones. Despite the fact that don’t you will lead the mood, and it is you, the day will be very fruitful for almost all cases. In the financial sphere and at work try to take the initiative and be leaders. Love is also better to take things into their own hands, if you do not want to be disappointed. This day will pass quickly enough, so don’t try to take on omen a large number of cases. A little moderate your ambition, but don’t lose confidence in that luck is on your side, because it will.

This week will bring a lot of problems only for those who prefer to do nothing. Five positive days is a swing on the title of the most productive weeks are not only in September, but for the entire first half of fall and the end of the summer. Forget the autumn Blues — you can transform your life beyond recognition.