Lunar calendar auspicious days in October 2017

The lunar calendar reflects the most auspicious days in October. Using the recommendations of the astrologers everyone will be able to use this time to achieve the goals and increase prosperity.

The middle of autumn offers a great number of days when the energy of the moon will help everyone to achieve success and prosperity. These days, according to astrologers, the most successful not only for action in work and personal life, but also to perform ceremonies. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to use the energy of the moon and its phases in order to attract prosperity and get rid of the problem.

Sunday, October 1: day of physical activity

Waxing Moon in the constellation of Aquarius on the first day of October will be generous to share the flow of positive energy. Sunday is a great time to start planning the whole month and for realizing the potential in the business environment. Astrologers recommend 11 lunar day not to miss the opportunity to participate in social events, attend professional development courses.

This day will be self-education, obtain additional skills, solving difficult problems and issues associated with the work. Due to the growth of the moon on this day, the body accumulates power, so complex things will be easier than usual. Well October 1 to pursue recovery of the body, to begin a new exercise, change diet and to clean from toxins and harmful toxins.

Saturday, October 7: day of financial well-being

Waning Moon moves into the constellation of Taurus. This harmonious mix will make the next step to financial success. Astrologers recommend not to postpone transactions and cooperation, which will lead you to profit. Well on Saturday will move the business connected with the purchase or sale of real estate and art treasures.

The positive influence of the moon will help to get rid of bad habits, self-development and improvement in the needed areas. Also on Saturday there will come a time for action in the sphere of love. You can improve relationships with family, a romantic date on the second half, or to go in search of their pairs. That luck was on your side, the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to use a proven loving whispers.

Tuesday, October 10: an energetic day

The constellation Gemini and the energy of the moon in the first phase of the descending conducive to the rapid and energetic Affairs. The decision tasks that do not require concentration and a lot of energy, will be given without difficulty, and increased tone of the body will not feel fatigue even after long and hard work.

Astrologers recommend on Tuesday to give preference to not the hard cases, and activities requiring immediate response, quick decision-making. An opportune time will come for activities associated with obtaining additional sources of financing of gambling, the lottery, short-term deposits.

Wednesday and Thursday, 11 and 12 October: a stable day

The constellation of Cancer in conjunction with the waning Moon — the time for slow stability and cases of well-functioning work. These days successful is teamwork based on mutual understanding and shared goals. Also will be nice to move the business connected with the authorities, submitting documents to the registration authorities.

Wednesday and Thursday attention should be paid to the emotional component. Energy of the waning moon awakens sensitivity and sensibility. In this connection it is necessary to carefully monitor their words and actions, so as not to inadvertently offend loved ones and work colleagues. In terms of health on 11 and 12 October is the perfect time to strengthen the immune system with the help of popular recipes. Use a decoction of medicinal herbs to maintain alertness and activity.

Tuesday, October 17: the passive day

The Virgo constellation and the waning Moon is a time for serious work that requires a thoughtful approach. With proper attention to detail in this day you will have the opportunity to improve their financial situation, to make a profitable contribution to addressing issues in the business. Also Tuesday, the activities aimed at skills development.

Day intended to be complete, current Affairs, planning major projects and tasks, new experiences. The energy of the moon is not conducive to the addition of forces, so the day is quite passive and not intended for operations that require large amounts of energy. It is necessary to limit physical activity, as well as a party to circumvent the conflicts and quarrels in order not to provoke people into aggression and negative emotions.

Wednesday, October 18: day of rest

The final stage of the waning moon in the constellation of Libra — a good time for rest and recuperation. This period is favorable to perform light tasks and planning. The influence of the moon on Wednesday will not allow you to engage in new energy — intensive business- they should be postponed for the period of its growth.

18 Oct astrologers recommend to do household chores. The acquisition of the long-awaited major purchase will be successful, and spontaneous and risky activities will only complicate your life. At this time it is good to start strengthening the body with the help of traditional medicine that will help you cope with disease-causing viruses. In your personal life, try to exercise restraint and tact in order not to provoke resentment and conflict with the partner.

Friday, October 20: a big day

The growing phase of the moon and the constellation Scorpius on Friday will provide an additional source of power. This time is designed for outdoor activities, making important and crucial decisions. The energy of the day will allow you to take on new initiatives, develop new strategies of behavior and plans to achieve well-being.

On this day you can safely take on any job that you would afford, and in the evening to restore power. The growing phase of the moon can coincide with a series of exercises designed to strengthen the body. In personal relationships there will come a time of rapprochement and confidence, so on Friday please note in the second half, your family and loved ones who need your attention and care.

Tuesday, October 24: the day of revelations

The moon is in the zodiacal constellation of Sagittarius will be generous to share positive energy, and this time most successfully to solve any bureaucratic problems. A weakening of the concentration will not prevent you to engage in the ongoing work, but astrologers advised to carefully refer to important documents and pay attention to details. So you eliminate zakrasheny errors and inaccuracies.

Tuesday, October 24, is one of the most energetically powerful days of the month in which acute intuition and awakens the hidden gift of clairvoyance. In this regard, esoteric recommended to listen to the inner voice that helps you in solving serious cases and when dealing with business partners.

Wednesday and Thursday, 25 and 26 October: important days

Growing Moon October 25th and 26th will be in Capricorn. Days full of positive energy, suitable for solving issues related to sales, to organize events of any orientation, positive communication with business partners and loved ones.

The first lunar phase is suitable for the resolution of any issues, short-term and long-term planning. A surge of strength due to the increase of the moon will start a new energy business aimed at making a profit or developing their own business. Successful at this time will be to find new work or more paid positions. An additional source of strength you will get through the patron Saint of the day — mercury. On 25 and 26 October, its impact will be to help those who are engaged in intellectual work.

Every day you can spend in a great mood, if you start the morning with a positive attitude. Astrologers recommend to take into account the influence of the moon, but not to go on about emotions and mood swings, which can trigger her energy. To the Orb of night was assistant in urgent cases, use the phase to their advantage.