Luc Besson has postponed work on the film “Kursk”

Scheduled for September the shooting of the film about the death of the crew of the submarine “Kursk”, the Director is Luc Besson, had to be postponed indefinitely. The reason for this was that the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation has not given permission to film on military facilities.
The producer Andrew Sigl told reporters that that because on other locations the tape to remove does not make sense, they will be hoping that the defence Ministry will pay attention to their request.

“It is not yet allowed. I guess they now have better things to do” — said the producer. According to him, MO first became interested in the film project, but then apparently changed his mind. Its representatives have simply stopped responding Besson.
One of the main roles of the film about tragedy in 2000, was to be given to Colin Firth. The author of the script was Robert Rodat, who wrote the screenplay for the film “Saving private Ryan”. Behind the camera had to stand Danish Director Martin Zandvliet.
We will remind that on 12 August 2000, during military exercises in the Barents sea along with the crew died submarine “Kursk”. On the Bor was 118 people.

Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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