Lovers Taylor swift and Tom Hiddleston did the same tattoo

To say that the novel Taylor swift and Tom Hiddleston is developing rapidly – to say nothing. A couple of weeks it took to celebrities to understand that they had found “their man”, without which can not imagine my life. British actor even managed to introduce a new darling with her mom and I think Taylor came of a possible future mother-in-law like.

In addition to their mutual attraction and some feelings, Tom, and Taylor now connects something else – the same tattoos.

On the days paparazzi captured celebrities at the beach and saw on their shoulders romantic pictures in the form of red hearts.

True if this tattoo is unknown, but what Taylor that Tom in social networks there is not a single joint image.

In fairness it should be noted that while swift and Hiddleston enjoy the company of each other, Internet users wash up bones of this couple and comment on their romance. Users do not believe in the sincerity of feelings either, nor on the other hand, noting that “Roman” is just a clever PR stunt for Taylor, and Tom.

Swift uses the actor to attract the attention of a new audience, while Tom “having fun” with the singer, to attract to himself the attention of the creators of “James bond”.

Source: segodnya.ua
Photo: woman.ru

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