Lover Natalia Krasko told all the details the press

For several years the public were doubtful and perplexing relationship 87-year-old actor Ivan Krasko and his 27-year-old wife Natalia. People are not haunted by such a huge age difference between the spouses. Realists do not believe in the sincerity of feelings of a young actress Natalya, and recently they had another good reason for doubt.

In “Instagram” published a video in which a young lover Natalia Krasko says that Director Ivan Krasko beat him on the set of TV shows. In the same video published and personal correspondence of two lovers.

Alexander, male–lover Natalia Krasko, said Natasha and they met in July 2017. According to the man, he then ran out of the bar and bought flowers. Approached the girl and gave them what she had Natalia Krasko. But first he decided that she was the granddaughter of our legendary actor Krasko. After that, according to Alexander, they began to call and then meet. Natalia always read to him your poetry.

Alexander also said that he is ready to defend its position and win Natalia. He says he understands, yet cannot put their feelings, and she also does anything to do with her. They’re in love.