Love at first sight: the Marriage of artists after many years of friendship

“Is there a love the second, or the tenth, but at least 55 times?” – this question I do know the answer many stars of world and domestic show business.



Most often such feelings are preceded by long years of friendship. And, according to themselves lovers, love having such a solid Foundation, the sturdy and able to overcome any obstacles.
The introduction of Ashton Kutcher and Mila kunis took place on the set of the TV series “Show the 70s”. The shooting brought a lot of exciting moments the young actors – after all, Mila was 14 and Ashton 19. However, for the most part, the excitement was nice and tender, Mila still talks about first kiss with Ashton happened to her on set, as, in accordance with the script, their characters started a love. From 1998 to 2006, despite the pleasant memories, the actors were friends, each had their own, sometimes quite turbulent, personal life. In the “list” Kutcher noted, Janury Jones, Brittany Murphy and Ashley Scott. In 2005 he married the former wife of Bruce Willis, demi Moore. However, the marriage was short-lived and broke up after the infidelity of Ashton with a casual acquaintance. Meanwhile, Mila was having a rather lengthy affair with the star of “home Alone” Macaulay Kalkin, it lasted 8 years.


Periodically Mila and Ashton met on the friendly parties, communication was maintained, but remained friendly. In 2012, the friends were even more together, but questions about whether they were a couple, they weren’t supposed to answer, on the contrary was brushed aside, saying that there is only friendship. The beginning of a relationship, perhaps, was the journey of a couple of home Ashton – in Iowa. The lovers got married in 2015, now have a son and a daughter. According to Kutcher, he learned that in life there are things that are better kept secret, including, it concerns and relationships.
Not so very long friendship, but still, binds Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds. In the film “Green lantern” pair met, but then the friendship is not gone, moreover, that each of the actors in that time had another “soul mate.” Blake met with the pan Badge, and Ryan was legally married to Scarlett Johansson. Year took Ryan and Blake to understand that their feelings, something other than friendship, and in 2012 they got married. Now the couple is raising two daughters.


Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, too, met on set, when Javier was 23, and Penelope just 18. Joint work has contributed to friendly relations, but nothing more, then each of them had enough twists and turns in my personal life. Only in 2008, working on the woody Allen film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, the pair again received the opportunity to often be around. Besides, Penelope with Javier are very lucky to have been able to enter the role of a crazy artist, which wasn’t easy for her. After the premiere of the film, Bardem had proposed to her.
Daniel Craig in 2004 I met with Rachel Weisz, and in 2010 the future the pair were just friends. The impetus for the development of relations in a somewhat different direction was the film “House of dreams”. The actors played a married couple in it. You fell in love with was so serious that in 2011, Daniel and Rachel surprised everyone with an unexpected marriage. However, the wedding was kept secret from everyone, apart from themselves, the newlyweds attended their two children from the first marriage and two witnesses. But still, the actors avoided comment on their personal life, explaining that for them it is too important to “shoot the breeze about it on every corner”. Recently there have been rumors about a divorce couple, but he is in no way confirmed – statements and one spouse has not filed.


Lisa Kudrow and Michel stern together for more than two decades, although in the time of acquaintance in 1987, Lisa didn’t take Michelle seriously. Moreover – he had dated her roommate. In those days, Lisa considered herself a strange freak of nature, and Michel, she did not even smile. But six years later, fate did a strange pirouette and they were close. In may 1995 the couple married and they now have a grown son.
One of the original couples of the Russian show-business – Tatyana Lazareva and Michael Schatz can tell a fascinating story of his family. Once they played for different teams of KVN, friends and enemies. Tatiana even got married, but after the birth of her son realized that the family did not take place. Michael managed to convince Tatiana that with him she will feel like she dreamed of. He said that regardless of her answer, will love her all my life, and Lazarev wavered in 1998 the couple married.
Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota were the participants of the project “Factory of stars” in 2007. Friendly atmosphere that prevailed in the “factory” facilitated communication for young musicians. But it was to the friendly support. After 8 years, Vlad and Rita were at a party and was very surprised at the changes in each other Rita was an elegant lady is a punk rebel, and Vlad manly handsome. Most young people did not leave. Less than a year during holiday in Bali Vlad made his beloved proposal and they even got married on the ethnic traditions of this beautiful island. The pair is now waiting for the firstborn.


Alexey Chumakov and Julia Kovalchuk knew each other, according to Alexis, at least five years before they began to live together. It is interesting that Julius at some point, even thought Alex adheres to homosexuals, she even discussed it with friends. Perhaps the reason a certain image created then Alex, imitating such a well-fed cat. According to Julia, the love of either the first or the tenth glance at them was not. Although the concerts of each other they visited, and at parties of mutual friends, too, were crossed. Until Alex didn’t take the initiative to pursue Julia after one of the concerts. Then six years the lovers first met, and then lived together, and only after this time, the wedding took place in a narrow circle on the Spanish coast. Now fans are waiting for replenishment in the family of their favorites, which is expected in the near future.