Louis Tomlinson’s mother forbids her son to show the child in a social network

Performer Louis Tomlinson, member of the popular group One direction, to continue the war with the mother of his five-month-old son Freddie to Brianna, Genric. On the refusal of the latter to allow the meeting of the father with the child Louis responded with a lawsuit, which requires to share custody and to legitimize his participation in the fate of the child. But even before the court decision, which, as I am sure father will be on his side, he wants to make some prohibitions regarding action Briany, in particular, Tomlinson calls to ban her show in the pages in social networks.

Since the birth of the baby, Genric posted hundreds of photos with Freddie and Louis, it turned out to be, not like this. In turn briana claims that it is entitled to do with photos of her child whatever she pleases, has a right to it.

Insiders believe that the reason this whole situation has become blind jealousy of the mother of Freddy, which had hoped that the child will contribute to their Louis relationship. Recall that they were never a couple and the son they got by accident, but it is no secret that briana nourished and, apparently, continues to nourish warm feelings for the singer. After he came to their house with a trail of the perfume of another woman, Genric gave rise to a scandal. New passion Luis Daniel Campbell seems suspicious, she thinks it’s one of the fans, which can be tricky to get into her house and something to do with Freddie or her. It seems that while Briany still have feelings for Louis, a peaceful coexistence can not see them.


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