Louis Tomlinson requires formal custody of your son

British singer Louis Tomlinson, he’s one of the members of the popular group One Direction went to court, demanding joint custody of their five-month-old son Freddie. The contractor claims that the child’s mother forbids him from seeing baby due to the fact that she does not like the new passion of Luis Daniel Cambpell.

Insiders claim that as soon as briana Convert, mother of Freddie, saw photos of Louis and his new girls it infuriated her. Obviously, she still hoped that the child will contribute to their relationship with his father, although Tomlinson has repeatedly stated in the press that they were and remain close friends. But there is another reason.

Louis in his claim, stated that briana like crazy. She believes that a new passion of Freddy’s dad is just a crazed fan of the singer, and that she may be insecure and to do something to their baby. Convert prohibited to bring Daniel to him and in General to provide the address at which they live.
Now Tomlinson requires legal registration Affairs, which last him complete freedom of action. Briana agrees to share custody of Freddie, only on the condition that Louis would hire a nanny, because the boy’s mother feels that fatherhood and dealing with young children isn’t his thing. Besides, she wished to obtain an injunction relating to the movements of the son – he will not be able to leave the United States of America.

Source: http://www.tmz.com
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