Lou Ferrigno will star in a Hollywood movie

The life of a famous Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova started to improve. After the news of the imminent marriage, a forty year old celebrity has pleased fans with another sensational statement: it will play in a Hollywood movie.

That she got the role of “Slavic student with a difficult problem,” Dana told subscribers on his page in Instagram. “Betrothed” Dan in a new film project-in action mark Dacascos and directed by Ryan Shiraki, with whom Borisov met last summer. And they are not invited Borisov to audition, and the shooting.
“Friends, good news! Last summer on the set I met with the American actor mark Dacascos and Director Ryan Shiraki (“Clumsy”). Already forgot about them, but negotiations began, and now in September I’m flying to California is not in the casting, and two full weeks of shooting in the film where I will play Slavic student and its difficult problems. Me waiting for September 18, will leave the daughter with grandma and go!” — told Dana and complained that the film hurt the wedding plans. Now Borisova and her fiance will have to move the wedding from September this year to June next.
The heroine, the role which got Dana very similar to it (according to the presenter). The experience of filming at Borisova is already there, though not in Hollywood.
“I hope my fiance will not be cause for jealousy” — hoped Borisov. By the way, Alexander, the future husband Borisova, very jealous. In an interview, the blonde said that even once picked a fight with him because of this because you caught reading text messages. And some he even managed to write: “This is Dana’s husband. I ask you not to write and not to meddle in our family”.

Source: https://www.instagram.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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