“Lorak disgraced”: Ani Lorak was criticized for a dress like the singer Alsou

Followers lashed out with criticism of Ani Lorak. The last photo in the microblog star wearing the exact same dress, in what was dressed the singer Alsu at the “New wave 2017”. The only difference: lorac chose the black color.

Popular Russian and Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak in personal microblogging published a new picture that immediately became a subject for criticism. The thing is that Lorak repeated for singer Alsu and wearing exactly the same dress.

Many celebrities strive to be different and unique, what can be said about Ani Lorak. The singer boldly dressed in the dress earlier at a music festival “New wave 2017” Shine Russian singer Alsu.

The only difference between the outfits that users saw is the fact that Lil Wayne was in a white dress, lorac – black. Singers immediately began to compare. Many noted that tanned skin and perfect figure Alsu, dress look much better.

“Alsu at the “New wave” was in the same dress, only in white”, “your nothing came up, and said Alsu dress”, “Such dresses at Lil Wayne, just white. In one market I bought?”, “Lorak disgraced! At Lil Wayne same dress,” – commented on the images of the users of social networks.