Lopyreva can sue the hackers posted intimate photos to her Instagram – 24???

Russian TV presenter and model Victoria Lopyreva told the press that the problem with hacking her account in Instagram is resolved. According to celebrity, after ascertaining the identity of the hackers she can sue the attackers in court, reports Woman’s Day.

9 Jan in account lopyrevoy posted racy images of Russian stars. It turned out that the hackers broke into the social network page of the model. A few hours later the account was recovered.

In the interview, Victoria said she was ready to litigation.

Victoria Lopyreva | RIA Novosti “it is Now all right, but left an unpleasant aftertaste. So you have to pay for the attention of subscribers that are real, genuine,” said Lopyreva.

According to lopyrevoy, she did not understand why it was done.

“Hacking-it is illegal,” added the Russian model.