Long legs Anna Semenovich surprised fans

On the new photo of Anna Semenovich fans of the singer was struck by her long legs. Pantsuit red color was evaluated by almost all followers.

The famous singer, ex-soloist of group “Brilliant” Anna Semenovich published a striking photograph, which depicted her long legs. They conquered the subscribers account celebrity.

Many have noticed that S. was very thin. However, no one ever would have thought that the singer so long legs. In a new photo she confidently poses in a striking pantsuit in red. One leg while she curled up on the chair. The user called the singer of this model.

At the same time, not everyone liked the photo of Anna Semenovich. There were those who criticized a celebrity.

Earlier it was reported that the singer Stas Kostyushkin to the touch, to check whether breast Semenovich is a natural.