Lolita wears under his tunic see-through jumpsuit

Lolita is able to amaze and astound. At the international music festival “the Heat,” she spoke in a transparent jumpsuit.

Singer Lolita will always find what, who and when to tell. Her skimpy outfit at the festival in Baku have attracted the attention of not only spectators, participants, but also the scandalous blogersha Lena Miro, .

What did Lolita?

During his speech at the festival of Lolita became so absorbed that dropped the tunic and ceases before the audience in a sheer, slinky jumpsuits.


This trick caught Lena Miro and she decided to tell the lo how to live. Blogger has assigned this topic a post in my LJ.

It turns out that Milavskaya, nevertheless, not indifferent to the opinions of people, because the act of the Lena it was really hooked. Without hesitation, she recorded an audio appeal to Miro and posted it on his page in Instagram.

“Dear Helen, thank you from the “forgotten, useless singer,” you made me popular. I’m happy. In General, some thin — very angry. We, plump, all married and we have sex life. Apparently, you have not been. Because a woman that has a sex life and beloved man, who carries her in his arms, not allowing himself to attacks on people of outstanding,” said the singer.

Support there

Members of Lolita in the comments on the video rapidly discuss the act of Lena Miro. Someone thinks it unethical, someone considers unethical act Lolita. But most of all, spilling the stones in the garden Lena: how can she say, with such brutality to criticize people about whom you know only from the media.

Subscribers recommend lolita to ignore the criticism and continue to live the same life, because they love her.

Journalist, Pointmedia Les Miller recalls that the remarks of Lolita Milavskaya at a music festival “Heat” became one of the brightest.