Lolita thought about surrogacy

Lolita Milavskaya, which recently vowed that is not going to have a baby, is going to change his principles. The young husband of the singer so much dreams about the baby, so she decided to go meet him and have a baby through surrogacy, with the Lo at the thought of diapers and late nights begin to tremble the knees.

The only child Milavskaya – daughter of eve – it will soon be eighteen years, most of which the girl lived with her grandmother in Kiev, where I came from and the Lo. Going with her ex-husband Alexander Tsekalo to conquer the Russian capital, IBA and remained here, and her mother did not want to leave their homeland.
Now, when Eva is so grown up, Lolita wishes she gave birth to her second child. For the concert tours and endless shots Milavskaya had no time to do one, let alone two to make. Now, the actress regrets about lost opportunities.
“When you have two kids – that’s fine, because if you will not, and sooner or later we all leave, they will remain each other. That’s about it I strongly regret” — said Lolita.
In recent years, domestic and world show business, many have resorted to surrogacy. Lolita also thought about it.
“I too had thoughts on this. But I can not quit. So, you will have to get a babysitter, and it is – stranger in the house. My mother did not pull, and to take on her child when she is in such a ripe old age – just a sin. The child should be with their parents. I was particularly touched by men’s position in this matter. Dimka said to me once: “I would like a son, took him to court!” I laugh: “the First four years – diapers, strollers, disease, sleepless nights that drive me crazy, and only then you can go with the child to the court” — said the 53-year-old Palladium. While Lolita is already not say a definitive “no”, which means that it can be.

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