Lolita stunned fans with their mini-shorts

Lolita is not shy to appear in public in shocking images. Recently the singer took the stage of the “New wave” in ultra-short mini shorts.

Lolita has long been not shy to show her figure, despite the fact that to the ideal forms of the singer is very, very far away. However, this does not restrict her, she has several years says that is completely devoid of any complexes.

On the stage of “New wave”, she recently appeared in short shorts, barely covering the ass of the artist.Only recently praised for her soulful rendition of the song “Maria” as the singer once again decided to return to more familiar to her shocking. In addition to cropped shorts, she also wore a long cowboy boots. Thus, any kosmeetika for the make-up she to use did not and the only accessory steel glasses, wearing that Lolita has become like her daughter, me, was really exciting. The girl currently lives with her grandmother in Kiev.

At the festival, the artiste performed the song “You are my sea” occupying the upper lines of the domestic charts in iTunes. However, the most discussed was the Lolita outfit, which she decided to try on the festival of “Heat” in Baku. On stage, the singer appeared in a transparent leotard. As a result, the attire artist was one of the most discussed in the network.