Lolita frankly told him why not going to pick mom and daughter from Kiev

Last week it became known that the Russian singer of Ukrainian origin, the lolita Milyavskaya was not allowed home. Despite the seeming tragedy, Lolita and her family did not despair. “I’ll be fine. The mother-daughter departure from Ukraine is not closed. Therefore, even the question should not be whether we see these three years. It’s just I can’t reach”, — said Lolita, adding that her mother, when she learned about the ban on entry, cried away: “Mom was sobbing like a small child. In the day when I had to come and did not come,she called an ambulance. For me, the day was mournful,black. The child also experiences”.

Recently it became clear that the situation took a very serious turn – mother of the singer was beaten by the unknown, but this was not done for robbery. It would seem that now Lolita will surely take their relatives home, but she noted that this is not going: “And why should I pick up people from their native land? Everything is quiet, no reason to go there. Mom usually longer than a week in Moscow can not stand: her here, besides me, absolutely no one — neither friends nor acquaintances. When Mature tree transplanted,percentage of survival is very low, and I want mommy happy. Same thing with my daughter: she was the last grade in school, and to transfer it to another for a year before graduating impractical. Very sorry that because of the ban I will no longer be able to attend her prom. And nothing will break. I have two homelands — Ukraine, where I grew up and I never betray, and Russia, in which I succeeded as an artist and that is honored for its culture. Love them both a bad word about any one of them will never tell you.”

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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