Loboda was banned in his native Ukraine

Svetlana Loboda again falls under the prohibitions and breakdown of concerts in his native Ukraine. The Governor of Odessa region urges people not to go to a concert performer and wants to cancel the concert, which is scheduled for the day of the city of Odessa on 3 September.


Stepanov in his Facebook said about the fact that the legal right to ban the concert, but there are “morals” . We will remind that in Ukraine already repeatedly concerts of many artists who have previously performed in Russia, were vulnerable to disruption. That the Governor of Odessa does not want to lag behind this trend.

Stepanov also emphasizes, Loboda money was over Ukraine, it is in the Kremlin, on the First channel and receives the joy award to PY.TV, singing for the Russian oligarchs. It does not take into account and justify Svetlana where she says that all her performances –it’s earnings and Ukraine as she loved and loves.