Lobacheva believes the widow Maranova was involved in his death

The athlete doubts in the relationship of the actor with a younger child

The reason for the sudden death of Dmitry Marjanova was declared cut off the blood clot. But his ex-girlfriend and partner on the project “Ice age”, figure skater Irina Lobacheva, thinks otherwise. She denied a recent statement by the widow of actor Xenia BIK that the actor was suffering from thrombosis. Athlete says: the incident involved a crime. Four months ago they met, the artist was completely healthy.

According to Lobacheva, Marianov there were problems in the relationship with his wife. Dmitry couldn’t be with one woman, is recognized skater. However, Xenia was the first with whom he formalized the relationship officially. Lobacheva believes that the girl planned to acquire his property — large apartment on Polezhaevskaya and the country. Moreover, it also expressed its doubts on the subject of kinship Marianov and his daughter Anfisa, transfer kp.ru. Note that the novel by Dmitry Lobacheva came to naught after his acquaintance with BIC.