Live births of black Tea was shown on TV

Their deepest moments of life model and now reality star black China sold for a round sum of money. Now the birth of her second child – daughter dream Renee, can be seen online and on TV – channel E! bought the rights to the show.

In a special episode of “Rob & Chyna Baby Special” Rob keeps pour tears black for the hand and asks if she is scared.
“Yes” — answers China and it is clear that she is not overacting. For women this child was to be the second, so the experience of the birth process was for her a sign.
Recall that the birth was also attended by the mother of black Tokyo and the mother of Rob, Chris, which is already beginning to compete for the opportunity to be with baby dream.
It is no secret that after the birth of her daughter and Rob black was going to live separately because a young man it is simply impossible to live with because of his irascible character. Remains unclear and the nature of the relationship of the reality star and model. Shortly before the birth of the child the pair is strongly argued and, contrary to expectations, did not legalize their relationship. Relatives of Rob, his sisters, confident that the couple have work to do, and yet even they do not know whether Rob engaged with the Tea, or maybe they decided to remain friends. Friends with a common child.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
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