Lisa Triantafilidis shared the secret of weight loss

A lot of questions, as I have lost weight when returned to Moscow. From heat and salt many participants swell in the Seychelles, well, we eat there too much! So Hello, Mrs. piggy, plus 7 kg!
In Moscow, I decided to follow their diet to regain their former weight. Removed from the diet all flour, but also rice and potatoes. Less salt was consumed. Also removed whole milk, but started taking probiotics, all the info about the harm of dairy products and about probiotics can be found in the Internet. And, of course, ruled out sugar, you’ve got to watch carefully, that it is part of a seemingly sweet products. I recommend to watch the movie “Sugar”, it will help you to take a fresh look at your diet.
What I ate? I ate a lot of vegetables, legumes, fish, fruit in the morning, berries and nuts. But certainly not starving. I really hope that someone will be inspired by his example!