Lisa, Triandafilidis have a flabby stomach. Photo

For a long time, the girl was able to “throw dust in the eyes” fans of reality shows, who were convinced that Elizabeth almost the only Perimeter, who can boast of beauty achieved without the use of photoshop and other tricks. However, judging by the still picture, the girl is not as good: it has a noticeable saggy belly and loose skin, the website life-dom2.su.

Despite the fact that no crime in this, a genuinely outraged by the untidy girl. In addition, fans speculated that this gross figure is unlikely to make Roman Gritsenko. And now many people understand a guy who, at times, allows himself to stare at others.

“A normal figure for parous women. Where is the “beer belly”? Just a bad photo. You “beer” bellies not seen” “in fact, she gave birth to a child, there are many non-birth body pohlesche” – stood up for Lisa, some fans of telestroke.