Lisa Trendafilov going to leave the TV show for your daughter

It should be noted that Elizabeth does not conceal from her children is where she is now and what it all does. True, and to report on the appearance in life of the new man Lisa is not in a hurry to his daughter. However, due to recent events, when a participant’s access to telephones was limited, Triandafilidis thinking about leaving “Home 2” for the class raising her daughter, the site says life-dom2.su.

Lisa firmly believes that gives the show a lot of time therefore has the right to daily contact with her daughter. And if the right to use video, Triandafilidis do not return, then she will leave the project in order to refuse to communicate with her daughter.

“Somehow I doubt that she suddenly felt maternal instinct and caught the longing on your baby”, “yeah, she goes, of course, not yet kicked out, she’s not going anywhere” – he wrote to fans of youth telestroke.