Lisa Polygalova monitors your body and health


Well, talk on your favorite subject of “femininity” or “fu man”. My dear, where did you get all that you have the right to judge others or to dictate the criteria of femininity and beauty?! For all measure different. Someone thinks a woman is a woman if she’s thin as a Board, without any signs of muscle mass. For me, the ideal figure – muscular and proportional to X-shaped. I do not believe that a thin body type is beautiful. I love the elastic, inflated female body. This looks good and noticeable work. I detest replenishs cellulite people who consider themselves perfect, and are also allowed to Express their Fi. If you don’t like it, then sit back and look at those people that you like. The key words here were “sit and watch”. You can do just that.

Further, the presence of fat and absence of cubes is not an indicator of femininity. I believe that men and women should monitor their body and health, and must be developed physically. Of course, it’s easier to justify my laziness with the concept of “femininity.” Sit and eat all the garbage, without any physical exertion, and proud that you’re a girl. Yes, you attend to yourself! Think about what you’re going to die of old age and whining about how miserable you And your lifestyle, believe me, will haunt you in the future. Think about what the booze you sucked in the club to affect your offspring.
I’m sure that my soul is worthy to be in the beautiful body, because it is the vessel! My children are required to be born healthy! And I want to spend my old age in hospitals and traveling around the world in a healthy body. As for the “fu man”, so do you guys not normally seen. And Yes, the muscles increase in size if they are to strain. All peace and goodness, and the priorities arrange themselves.
[Author: Lisa Polygalova]