Lisa-Marie Presley has lost a court

Wednesday, February 22, in a Los Angeles court heard a case about the material content of Lisa-Marie Presley his ex-wife of Michael Lockwood.

Recall, the man had previously stated that as long as he is unemployed, successful and financially secure mother of his children has to pay him subsistence allowance. Surprisingly, the court sided with Lockwood and ruled that in total the daughter of the king of rock-n-roll will have to pay Michael for 10 thousand dollars for 5 months. In total, Presley Lockwood will receive 50 thousand dollars.

Before Lockwood demanded that Lisa-Marie has also paid his expenses to counsel in the amount of 40 thousand dollars. In this court the man did not support.

Note that spouses still have to go through a trial regarding a large number of photographs of naked children that Presley found on the computer of her husband.

The shots were captured a pair of children – 8-year-old twins Harper and Finley.

Now the girls are entrusted to the care of her grandmother Priscilla Presley. “They live with me and so it will be as long as the situation does not improve,” says the woman.

Source: etonline.com
Photo: starslife.ru

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