Lisa Marie Presley could lose her children

In the life of the only daughter of Elvis Presley Lisa-Marie can happen once the impact of alcohol and drug dependency suffered by the woman, the court may take her eight-year-old daughters, twins Harper and Finley.

Insiders close to Lisa-Maria reported that her husband Michael Lockwood, with whom she is now in divorce proceedings, demands sole custody of the children, citing the fact that his wife is sometimes very inadequate because of his Hobbies of alcohol and illegal drugs. I must say that Lisa-Marie also demands sole custody, but Michael here, trumps more – a woman does not hide that he was going to rehab.
“By filing a petition for divorce, Lisa-Marie agreed to the examination, and now he regrets it because the social worker considers her life in a microscope, and what he sees is not to her advantage. Because of the negative reaction Lisa had to declare that she will take treatment” — said the insider.
Recall that 48-year-old daughter of the king of rock-n-roll filed for divorce in June, and has already stated that it will improve their health and overall wellbeing in the Los Angeles new York ” The Hills Treatment Center, where you fight your demons by many celebrities.
“Mike specifically requires sole custody of the girls to beat the wife a painful. And even if Lisa proves that leads a sober lifestyle, Michael can always appeal to the fact that she was often upset, and he fears that Lisa will return to old habits” — the insider said and added that, in principle, this is true, since children engaged, primarily, Michael, and now this duty touched on the nanny.

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