Lisa Maria Presley is divorcing her husband

The daughter of the famous singer Elvis Presley Lisa Maria Presley is divorcing her husband Michael Lockwood. 48-year-old woman was the initiator of the divorce, putting in the reasons for “irreconcilable differences”. But what are these differences, none of them tell not going to, let alone discuss it with the press.

Producer and guitarist Michael Lockwood is the fourth husband of Liza, they lived together for ten years and are raising daughters-eight-year-old twins Finley and Harper (they are very long time to become parents and consider daughters a gift from heaven).
In several requirements specified in the statement on divorce, Liza demands sole custody of the children and is refusing any alimony. Sensing that Lockwood would not agree to such conditions, as the option Minnelli insists that Michael met with the children only in the presence of a representative of authority.
Recall that the 54-year-old musician big problems with the heart. It is possible that he suffered or will soon suffer major surgery. Earlier it was reported that the wife of Michael, all worn out from worrying about his health and life. What, then, caused her to go for divorce in such a difficult period?

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