Lipnitskaya was first told about her illness – 24???

Olympic champion Yulia Lipnitsky was first told about her illness. She admitted that because of false news on the TV she began to turn gray.

Yulia Lipnitskaya | News

How to write “Days.ru” Lipnitskaya said that it is not fully implemented in the sport, as she was prevented by health problems. The player had to end his career due to anorexia, which she suffered for several years.

“After the Cup of Russia, I came home, put the skates in the closet and since then have not seen them. More does not pull me on the ice,” admitted Lipnitskaya.

19-year-old skater also commented on the words of the hero of one of the episodes of “Male to female”, who claimed to have her father. She stated that she has not to this man “no relation” and called it “cheater.” Linitskaya warned that it intends in the future to sue those who would dare to claim kinship with her.