Lionel Richie watch the daughter

Sofia Richie is only seemingly a grown woman, and in fact remains the most daddy’s girl, which should be watched. Last year so-and-so upset the father roll in the hay with the canadian Lothario Justin Bieber. Then Lionel Richie has not commented on from the relationship, citing the ban’s daughter, and was very happy when Roman’s daughter and a singer came to an end.

A wise father tries not to get into a girl’s life, but from a distance watching her. Sofia also pretends that does not notice this.
About this miss Richie told his followers on the social network.
“My dad tracks my phone. Every time he does it I get a message. I think it’s so funny and cute, they don’t even tell him what I know” wrote Sofia.
Recall that Sofia Richie was spotted at the Cannes film festival. The excitement of the father is clear – next to her was spotted with Scott Disick, an American reality star and type with not the best reputation. A man flirted with a girl, and even went for a walk with her. As far as their communication is unknown, but we know that in addition to Sophia Scott was also spotted with Bella Thorne and Chloe Bartoli.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
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