Lindsay Lohan threw a phone groom into the sea

The seven-year age difference, Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan and her Russian fiancé Yegor Tarabarova still makes itself felt : the woman is jealous of her young lover’s to all the women who appear next to him. It got to the point that the former sex symbol of the cinema of the early to check phone Russian businessman , and what she found forced her to shorten the age of the machine.


The scandal occurred in the middle of the beach on one of the Greek Islands, where they rested with the mother of Yegor Elena, that is a potential mother-in-red aggro. Seeing Tarabarova phone message from some woman, Lohan was so angry I made a scene of jealousy right in the middle of the crowd. In a jealous rage, the beast just kicked the phone of the groom in Aqua. This, they say, the movie was fun! Lindsay something screaming about the betrayal, the guy, embarrassed by the glances, muttered something in his own defense, and his mother realized that not Lohan she raised her son.
They say Elena was so shocked by the new type always smiling and so sweet Lindsay, what convinced the son not to be a doormat, and throw a screaming red-haired woman just in the middle of the rest. It is unknown how to show Egor — will remain a Mama’s boy, or maybe it will be henpecked. In any case, prospects for a guy disappointing.

Source: http://dni.ru
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