Lindsay Lohan kicked out of her London house for debt

Name Lindsay Lohan this summer was very often, and each time not for the best reason. The actress mentioned in connection with its romantic relations with the Russian guy Yegor Tarasovym, and later – in connection with their controversial breakup.

Andrey Malakhov has been working on this story a broadcast, in which Lohan admitted that the material aspect of its relations with Tarasovym lay on her shoulders.

Lindsay paid for everything – from cars, on which they rode, ending with a ring that Yegor she allegedly presented the engagement.

As it turned out, the exorbitant spending of the actress made it almost bankrupt. The star of “a Kiss for luck” can even pay for a house in London, which she rented.

The owners of the house put Lohan faced with a choice: either she pays, or is responsible for non-payment in court. But the actress countered the accusations, insisting that all issues owners should send Tarabasanu because it is your share paid.

Yegor, in turn, gave back. A guy that will not pay anything. And since a contract for employment at home was the name of a Hollywood star that Lindsay will have to find money to pay the debt.

Now Lindsay had to go to extreme measures and urgently to leave the apartment.

Recently, according to witnesses, the actress has taken all their possessions out of the house and moved to a nearby hotel. And since the other property in London, where she lives the last time, she is not, she proclaimed herself “homeless”.

By the way, the money homeowners Lindsay still needs. Debt amount of 75 thousand pounds. Rumor has it that it is the duty of the actress is ready to pay her new Greek friend. But while this information is not confirmed.

Source: kp.ru

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