Lindsay Lohan accused of Yegor Tarabarova attempted murder

From love to hate one step, and in the case of Lindsay Lohan and her Russian lover Yegor Tarabarova – one party guy for some reason went without his Hollywood skandalistki. Yesterday the bride a Russian businessman has shocked all the fans stating that, firstly, Egor cheated on her with “Russian prostitute”, and secondly, she is expecting a child from him. Today, the story will be continued and already reeks of crime: the actress said that Tarasov tried to kill her.

In edition yellow edition of the Sun appeared the video, which we unfortunately can’t show you where Lindsay yells good mate on his Russian lover and throws him out of the house, simultaneously accusing him that he choked her.
“He almost strangled me! He almost killed me. Please, please..He almost killed me! Everyone will know about it! Get out of my sight get out! Get out of my house… don’t You dare do that! Just try it! You’re a sick man, fucking nuts, you need a doctor! I’ve had enough! I don’t love you, don’t want to see! You’re insane, almost killed me! It is impossible to strangle a woman, knock her down, and then pretend that everything is fine. All saw you hit me, it’s recorded on video. Get out!” shouted Lindsay videos on July 23 at 5 am.
After a few minutes in the house the police arrived, summoned by worried neighbors. Since no one the door was not opened, the guards had to kick the door. To their surprise, the house was empty. The police managed to make contact with Lindsay, and with Egor, and each of them said that he was all right.
Recall that the “Russian prostitute”, to which Lohan was jealous of her fiance, seemed fashion designer Daria Posevkina familiar businessman. The woman was forced to remove your account from Instagram, because Lindsay poked a finger at her. Relatives Dashi believe that actress someone was misled.

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk
Photo: https://www.thesun.co.uk

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