Linda Hamilton will return to the role of Sarah Connor in the “terminator”

September 20 – news Agency “news”. American actress Linda Hamilton, best known for playing Sarah Connor in the first two parts “Terminator”, will star in a new film franchise. Producing the picture will be James Cameron, and starring role, as before, will play Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Will be directed by Tim Miller, who directed “Deadpool”. The release of the new “Terminator” is scheduled for 2019. Critics note that Cameron decided to shoot the trilogy and to return to a film about cyborg former greatness.

Recall the last movie “Terminator: Genesis” was released on wide screens in July 2015. The painting was met negatively by critics, who found fault with the scenario inconsistencies and weak plot. However, the tape managed to collect in hire of $ 440 603 537 dollars.