Lily Chetraru was in a relationship with a married man

However, most Lilies for a long time managed to hide many things from his past, however, fans managed to find out, for example, about work in script**club. In addition, not very creditable story of his dobroesti biography Cetraro revealed herself in an interview with the magazine “House 2”, the website life-dom2.su.

It turned out that Lily once lived with a married man who paid attention to her and her family. Lily does not bother the presence of the beloved tiny child. On the contrary, in the end, the girl insisted that the man moved in with her permanently, and the child visited only from time to time.

“Lily is very young, mistakes will be done. But we must remember that the honor of a young store”, “It did not paint this history” – shared his opinion the audience of “House 2”.