Lily Cetraro continued to shame

Moreover, a pair of Lilies Cetraro and Sergey Zachariae more annoying the audience with their actions. If earlier, children were able to “get away from the water” after the scandals and quarrels, which are drawn on the exception of “House 2”, now after the antics of the Lily in one of the recent broadcasts, the patience is over even their most loyal fans, the site says life-dom2.su.

Many were shocked by the attempts of Lily to beat Sergei, and then Cetraro fainted, and then, as if nothing had happened, ran to break glass in the home of the former men. Viewers think it’s terrible in light of recent events, Lily fell below the plinth. And if a girl does not lose hope to return Sergei, her methods are especially unlikely to help.

“Nuthouse Leela crying. Well, I do not understand who and how to educate girls that they have no idea what pride, self-esteem, self-respect. The impression is that of gateways crawled outside and have no idea what a normal family” – was the opinion of the fans of the TV show.